Acme Cafe

Acme Cafe is a restaurant in Gastown that serves comfort food like sandwiches, pies, and breakfast on mornings and weekends. The restaurant feels like a cozy modern diner on the inside and it gets pretty busy on weekends. I have always wanted to try Acme Cafe, but for some reason or another, I just never got around to going there until recently.

Baked Eggs Benny

One of Acme Cafe’s signature dishes is a baked eggs benny ($10.75) made with layers of English muffin, eggs, and ham that are baked in an oven and topped with hollandaise sauce served on a bed of shredded potatoes.

I was a little uncertain about how a baked eggs benny would turn out because my favourite part of eggs benny is the soft oozy poached egg yolk. It turns out that baked eggs benny is actually pretty amazing. The dish resembles a quiche that is topped with hollandaise sauce, so it was very rich and satisfying. The eggs did not get over baked and they were light and fluffy.

Turkey Sandwich

The turkey sandwich ($12.50) is made with a grilled Ciabatta bun and filled with brie, cranberry-Grand Marnier sauce, grainy dijon mayo, and arugula.

I was impressed that the sandwich was made with real chunks of turkey and not just deli meat. I loved the brie cheese on the sandwich because brie just makes everything more delicious. The sandwich was also really big, which is a plus because sometimes I find paninis to be so small they don’t even fill me up.

I went to Acme Cafe expecting it to be a bit boring, but I was actually impressed with their food. The menu items are simple, but well executed and it just proves that food doesn’t need to be complicated to taste good, you just need the right ingredients.


Yes, for a simple, but tasty brunch or sandwich.

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