Vij’s Rangoli

Vij’s Rangoli is an Indian restaurant located in the Fairview area of Vancouver. Vij’s Rangoli is the cheaper and more casual sister restaurant to Vij’s, which is located next door. They also have a little marketplace area here where they sell some prepackaged and frozen food.

I love Indian food, but for some reason I don’t actually eat it that often. I was really craving some warm curry since it was freezing cold out and I decided to go to Vij’s Rangoli on my lunch break.

Kale, Jackfruit, Cauliflower, and Potato Curry

I had the kale jackfruit cauliflower and potato curry ($14). It was served with a side of rice and chapati. I was expecting the food to be more pricy here, but honestly it isn’t any more expensive than your average Indian restaurant.

I ordered this dish because I have never had jackfruit before and I was intrigued by the idea of a fruit in a curry. The jackfruit wasn’t what I expected it to be like, but I enjoyed it. It was actually a very meaty fruit that held its shape in the curry. It also wasn’t overly sweet or fruit and it really soaked up the flavours of the dish.

The curry sauce itself was very good. It had a little bit of spiciness to it and a really beautiful fragrant taste. There were several pieces of fresh cilantro on top, which also added a punch of fresh flavour.

The rice was nothing special. Just rice. But I thought the chapati (aka a roti) was great. It is much more dense and chewy than naan and it was perfect for scooping up the extra curry sauce.


Yes, for a great and reasonably priced Indian meal.

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