The Stormcrow Tavern

The Stormcrow Tavern is a pub on Commercial Drive that has a cool Medieval tavern theme and caters to a geeky clientele. One of their selling features is that they have a massive shelf of board games that you can play while you hang out there.

I have a soft spot for anything nerdy, so once I heard about this place I immediately wanted to try it. I came here for dinner one night with Foodology, Gastrofork, and Eating with Kirby to play some board games and eat.


I have always been intrigued by mead because whenever I read a fantasy or medieval novel they always seem to be drinking it. Mead is made with fermented honey water that is often flavoured with different spices. It had a light and sweet taste, almost like a cider or mulled wine, and hints of warm spices. I enjoyed it. It was an easy drink to sip on and it made me feel like a cool medieval queen.

Chickpea Fries

We all shared the chickpea fries appetizer. They come with your choice of dip and we went with the vegan gravy. They have a lot of vegetarian/vegan friendly dishes here.

These were different than what I was expecting, but I ended up liking them. The portion was massive and really filling because of the chickpeas. This sounds weird, but something about the taste of them reminded me of KFC chicken fries (which I enjoyed because it reminded me of my childhood).

Elrond Burger

For my main I had the Elrond burger, which I ordered mostly because of the name since I love the Lord of the Rings.This is a veggie burger made with a lentil, rice, and chickpea patty topped with guacamole, corn, beans, vegan cheese, and jalapeños.

The veggie patty was good and it had a nice mixture of ingredients in it. I liked that they had an option with vegan cheese and the spicy jalapeños gave it some kick and flavour.

I found the bun to be a bit too soft for the burger though. This may be picky, but it seemed like more of a sandwich bun that you would use if you were quickly throwing something together at home rather than a restaurant quality burger bun.

The food at Stormcrow Tavern is alright, but I wouldn’t return here to eat it. However, the fun atmosphere is what would bring me back. This is a good place to have some drinks with friends and play board games, but if you are looking for amazing food this isn’t the best option.


Yes, for drinks and the fun atmosphere, but don’t come for the food.

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