Yew is a restaurant located in the Four Seasons Hotel downtown. They specialize in contemporary West Coast seafood dishes. I have always wanted to try Yew, but I haven’t had the chance because it is pricy until I came here for the Dine Out Vancouver Festival with my parents. Their menu is $38 and there are a couple of option upgrades for an additional charge.

The restaurant is really beautiful inside and very “Vancouver” with all of its nature inspired art. It is upscale and modern, but not stuffy and formal. The service here is also attentive, but not too much. Yew also gets cool bonus points for having their drink menus on iPads.

Smoked Salmon and Cheddar and Chive Scones

To start our meal we were served a complementary basket of smoked salmon and cheddar chive scones.

The smoked salmon scones are some of the best scones I have had. They were buttery and flakey and they had a pleasant hint of mild salmon taste to them. I normally don’t like wasting stomach space on bread before a meal, but I couldn’t help eating two of these.


I had the pan seared BC spot prawns $10 appetizer upgrade. I saw pork belly and spot prawns and I just couldn’t say no to that.

The spot prawns were plump and had a buttery sweet flavour to them. The crispy pork belly was as delicious as you would expect it to be. It had a crunchy sear on the outside, but it pulled apart easily and had a ton of flavour from all the fatty goodness. I also loved the apple butter sauce everything was sitting in and I think it went well with the flavours of the pork and shrimp.


My Dad had the little gem caesar made with black pepper, roasted garlic, crispy parmesan, and lime. I didn’t try this dish because I don’t like caesar salad.


My Mom had the red salad made with baby red romaine, heirloom beets, pickled cranberries, hazelnuts, and local balsamic.

I used to hate beets, but I’ve been forcing myself to try them more often and they are slowly starting to grow on me. The balsamic dressing and goat cheese were great pairings with the earthy flavour of the beets.


The heritage chicken breast entrée was served with crispy cauliflower and golden corn and white cheddar polenta.

The chicken was very moist and juicy on the inside with a nice crispy skin on the outside. My favourite thing about this dish was the amazing polenta. It was so smooth, rich, and creamy. The sweet corn flavour was balanced out nicely by the strong white cheddar flavour.


The roasted Arctic Char entrée was served on top of celery roots and hearts, lentils, pine nuts, and golden raisins.

This was my first time trying Arctic Char and I really liked it. It is a pink fish that is similar to salmon. The fish was excellent and prepared perfectly. It was lightly seared on the outside and very tender and barely cooked on the inside. I hate overcooked fish, so I was pleased that this wasn’t overcooked.


For dessert I had the pinot noir poached pear tar with bacon caramel sauce and popcorn ice cream.

This dessert was different from I expected. I was expecting a harder tart shell, but the outside was soft and similar to a pound cake. I found it to be too thick and I would have preferred something more delicate that showcased the pear more.

My favourite part of the dessert was the popcorn ice cream. It had such a unique flavour and I would have loved to eat a big bowl of it.


The rocky road dessert is made with chocolate crémeux, cranberry shortbread, marshmallow, and double chocolate ice cream.

This dessert is like an upscale more innovative take on s’mores. It was chocolately and rich, but it still felt light from the marshmallows.

Overall I enjoyed my dining experience at Yew and I was glad to finally check it off my list of restaurants. I think they incorporate the perfect balance of great food, service, and atmosphere that an upscale dining experience should have. The Dine Out Menu is also a good time to try it since their entrées are around $30 regular price.


Yes, for great service, atmosphere, and food.

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