Mazuya Sushi

Mazuya Sushi is a Japanese restaurant located on Burrard street in Kitsilano. Mazuya has a hole in the wall type atmosphere and it is very tiny inside with just a few tables. I came here for lunch because I work really close and I wanted something convenient.

Box B

I ordered bento box b, which comes with your choice of chicken or beef teriyaki, your choice of tempura or gyoza, salad, and two pieces of both salmon and tuna nigiri.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was given sockeye salmon nigiri. Restaurants normally never do that for bento boxes, so it was a nice treat.

Unfortunately, the rest of the box was not good. The chicken teriyaki was soggy and bland and did not taste fresh. The rice under it was too wet and it had a mushy texture. The gyoza filling actually tasted good, but they had clearly been sitting out for a while because they were also cold and soggy.

Also adding to the disappointing experience was the chaotic atmosphere of the restaurant. The workers were nice, but they were very understaffed and most tables received no service whatsoever. I watched some people actually give up and leave their tables before ordering.

I also saw a plate of raw tuna sitting in the back wrapped up on a shelf with serving dishes. I really hope they didn’t serve that to people, but it freaked me out a bit and made me wonder about their food safe practices. There are too many sushi restaurants in Vancouver for me to bother returning here.


No, the service is too slow and the food isn’t great.

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