The Food Queen’s Favourite Restaurants of 2013

New Years isn’t New Years without some sort of list that reflects on the activities of the past year, so I have put together a list of my top five favourite restaurants of 2013. I visited all of these places for the first time in 2013, but I have become obsessed with all of them and I visit these places on a regular basis.

1. Beaucoup Bakery

Chausson Aux Pommes

Beaucoup is currently my favourite bakery and dessert spot in Vancouver. All of their products are high quality, pretty, and made with love (aka tons butter and sugar). I also love the cute and cozy ambiance of the shop and I find myself here on a weekly basis. I just want everyone to visit Beaucoup and love it as much as I do.

2. Sushi K Kamizato

Seared Tuna Toro Nigiri

My favourite sushi spot hands down goes to Sushi K Kamizato. Sushi K is the reason I am a sushi snob now because all of their food is a beautiful work of art. I also love that they are located out in the suburbs and that the owners are the nicest people ever.

3. Revolver


Revolver has been my go-to coffee spot all year and they introduced me to fancy pour over coffees. Their coffee is amazing and they have such a cool vibe in the store. I only wish that they were open longer hours, so I could visit them more often.

4. Dinesty

Steamed Pork Dumplings

Dinesty opened a location downtown in 2013 and while I have dined at the Richmond location before, this location became one of my favourite spots because it is more convenient for me to get to. I think Dinesty has great quality food for the price and I love their steamed pork dumplings and noodles.

5. Ike’s Place 

We're Just Friends

Ike’s Place is actually located in San Francisco and not Vancouver, but I thought it was worth mentioning since San Fran is a popular getaway for Vancouverites. The best sandwich I have eaten all year was from Ike’s. I day dream about this sandwich. Everything about it was perfect. It was excessively large, affordable, and on the most amazing dutch crunch bread you will ever have. If you have vacation plans in the new year, make sure Ike’s is on your list.

If you haven’t tried these places I would highly recommend putting them at the top of your dining list for 2014!


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