November Snackbox

Snackbox is a local company that assembles assorted boxes of snacks and delivers them right to your home or office. They focus on providing healthy, high quality, and unique snack items. You can subscribe and pay on a monthly basis or receive discounts for longer subscriptions. In addition to the regular subscriptions, Snackbox has also launched a new gift subscription for the holidays that include free shipping and no auto renewal.

Snackbox recently sent me their November box to review. I always get excited when I see the big red box sitting at my door because I love the element of surprise in the boxes.

Sensible Portions Veggie Straws

To be honest I didn’t like the veggie straws at all. They were not very flavourful. To me they really tasted like a “diet” snack and didn’t satisfy my salty/crunchy cravings.

Bella Viva Orchards Pear Slices

The pear slices had a really nice flavour to them. They tasted a bit floral and mildly sweet. Unfortunately I found the texture to be pretty tough and these were hard to even rip apart with my teeth.

True to Nature Hemp Protein Bar

I really liked the true to nature bar and I actually buy these on a regular basis. These bars are vegan friendly, but they are still flavourful and a bit sweet. I also really like the texture of them and I think they have the perfect balance of being chewy and slightly crunchy.

Pirate's Booty Cheese Puffs

I actually didn’t eat the cheese puffs and I gave them to a family member, but they seemed to enjoy them.

Cocolico Toffee Coconut Dark Chocolate

The Cocolico chocolate bar was my favourite item in the box and one of the best chocolate bars I have had in a while. The dark chocolate was rich and smooth and had a coconut flavour to it. I also liked the crunchy pieces inside, which gave the bar some texture.

Arora Creations Gobi Spice
There was an Indian spice package in the Snackbox that you are supposed to mix into a curry to give it flavour. The Snackbox people also provided a recipe for crispy chickpeas that you sprinkle with this powder. I tried making the recipe and it turned out pretty good and I enjoyed the flavour of the mild spices. The one downside to this item is it does require you to actually make something and it isn’t just a snack you can open and eat.


I dislike all energy bars because of their consistency and texture, so I am a bit biased. That being said, the flavour of this one was actually pretty good and it had a strong coconut taste. If I had to eat an energy bar, I would choose this one.

La Fourmi Fruit & Nut Medley

My other favourite item in the Snackbox was the snack mix by La Fourmi. The mix was filled with roasted almonds, dried berries and dark chocolate. There was the perfect assortment of items in the bag and you got a little bit of everything in each handful. I loved that there was a decent amount of dark chocolate in the bag and it balanced out the sweet berries nicely.

Green Tea

The Oi Ocha green tea was simply green tea. It tasted good if you like chilled green tea, but it was nothing out of the ordinary.

My Green Smoothie

I enjoyed the green mysmoothie drink. It had a thicker texture than your standard juice box. It had a slightly “green” flavour to it, but it was still pretty sweet and fruity tasting.

Enerjive Quinoa Skinny Cracker

The last item in the box was the crave quinoa skinny crackers. These gluten-free crackers are mostly made with quinoa and a bunch of other seeds with a sprinkle of rock salt. These crackers were very firm and crunchy, so they would be good for dipping (I dipped mine in hummus and enjoyed it).

If you would like to order your own Snackbox, you can use the Foodqueen coupon code below for a discount.

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