Chengdu Szechuan Bistro

Chengdu Szechuan Bistro is a Szechuan style Chinese restaurant located on Denman street in the West End. I was recently invited here to try some of their signature dishes and I brought my parents along with me to try them.

Peking Duck
We started off our meal with some peking duck. I love peking duck, but I don’t have it that often, so it is always a treat when I do. This version was pretty meaty, which I liked. The meat was very juicy and very flavourful and the skin was super crispy.

Seafood Vegetable Birds Nest

The seafood vegetable bird’s nest was filled with scallops, shrimp, squid and an assortment of vegetables. The flavours of this dish were simple, but it was actually pretty good. I especially liked the bird’s nest basket that was made with potatoes. It reminded me of hickory sticks (without the hickory flavour) and it tasted really good when it soaked up all the sauce at the bottom of the basket.

Ginger Beef

The ginger beef was sliced into thin little shreds of beef and coated in a thin batter and tossed in sauce. This was better than a lot of versions I have had because it didn’t feel overly greasy. The sauce was slightly sweet and it had a hint of spice and lots of ginger flavour.

Hot and Spicy Pepper Prawns

The spicy pepper prawns were really delicious. The prawns were perfectly cooked and I loved how the batter was so thin and crispy. These had a salty, peppery, and a slightly spicy flavour.

Chengdu Special Fried Rice

The Chengdu special fried rice was filled with vegetables, shrimp, Chinese sausage, and chili peppers. This rice had more flavour than your typical fried rice and it had a bit of a spicy kick to it and hints of sweetness from the Chinese sausage.

Deep Fried Bananas and Ice Cream

For dessert we had deep fried bananas and ice cream. Deep fried bananas are nothing that unique, but I love them. These came out really fresh and warm and they were covered in a sweet syrup.

We were all happy with the food here and thought that the quality was good and the presentation was nice. The food here isn’t as greasy and heavy as many other places, so the flavours stand out more. This is a good place if you are looking for a casual Chinese meal in the West End.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.


Yes, for good Chinese food in the West End.

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