Gokudo Shabu Shabu

Gokudo Shabu Shabu is a restaurant in Richmond that serves individual sized shabu shabu (Japanese hot pot). Many hot pot places are all you can eat, but here you order a set combo. The combo price is based on the type of meat you select and whether you do any broth flavour upgrades (the basic house broth is free). All combos include a drink, a dessert, your selected meat, and an assorted vegetable plate.

I have only recently tried hot pot, but it is a new obsession of mine and I just can’t get enough of it. This was my first time trying a place where you have individual pots. I brought my friend Melissa here because she has never tried it and now I am all about spreading the joy of hot pot.

Dipping Sauce

Everyone gets a dipping sauce to dip their food in once it’s cooked. Many places charge extra for dipping sauce, so it was nice that this was included.

This sauce was amazing. It was a mixture of a bunch of stuff and it just had a wonderful balance of flavours. I wish I knew exactly how to make this at home because then I would put it on everything.

Iced Black Tea and Green Tea

Your choices for the free drink include iced black tea, iced green tea, milk tea, or melon tea. We had a black tea and a green tea.

I enjoyed my green tea. It was floral and sweet, which I liked because it balanced out all of the savoury, meaty things I was eating. I also like that this came with the meal because I feel like I am getting good value.

Udon Noodles

The combo also includes either a bowl of rice, udon noodles, or bean thread. I’m a noodle girl, so I chose the udon. The udon noodles taste really delicious when you cook them in the broth because they soak up all of the flavours.

Spicy Broth

Melissa had the spicy broth (a $2 upgrade) for her pot. This broth isn’t for the faint of heart and it packs a spicy kick. If you are sensitive to spice, don’t order this. I liked this broth though. It added tons of flavour to everything you cooked in it and it gave you a tongue tingling, clear out your sinuses feeling (which I enjoy).

Satay Broth

I had the satay broth (also a $2 upgrade). This broth was pretty mild, but good. It had a faint nutty, salty flavour to it.

Vegetable Plate

The assorted vegetable plate that comes with every combo actually also has a few meat items on it too. I liked how they gave you a bit of everything to try and there is actually tons of stuff on the plate.

My favourites were the meat/fish balls, tofu, Chinese cabbage, and corn. I didn’t get to try a few of the things because I was so full by the end.

Pork Slices

Both of the plates of sliced meat were large and more than enough food for one person. The pork ($13.95) was tender and had a good amount of fat to it. It tasted great and went well with the dipping sauce.

Rib Eye Slices

The rib eye ($16.95) was excellent and worth paying a bit more money for it. It had a nice marbling of fat and it was served fresh, which is so much better than frozen. It cooks very fast, so make sure you don’t over cook it.

Tofu Dessert

The combo also comes with a complimentary tofu dessert. It is just a pre packed tofu pudding, which isn’t anything special, but it still makes you feel like you are getting a good deal. This dessert wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t sweet enough to satisfy my dessert loving sweet tooth.

I really liked Gokudo Shabu Shabu and I enjoyed having my own pot where I could cook things as I please. After tax, tip, and broth upgrades it was $20 each, which is the starting price for most all you can eat places (before broth, drinks, sauces, etc.). I left completely stuffed and I would definitely return here.


Yes, for a great individual hot pot with good value.

Gokudo Shabu Shabu Hot Pot 極道涮涮鍋 on Urbanspoon


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