Connie’s Cookhouse

Connie’s Cookhouse is a Chinese restaurant located on West 4th in Kitsilano. They serve a more Westernized style Chinese food and they have a big menu of cheap lunch specials. They also claim to use no MSG in their food and make everything from scratch.

Won Ton Soup

All of the lunch specials come with either wonton soup or hot and sour soup. I had the wonton soup, which was alright. The wontons were actually quite good and they were pretty moist and meaty on the inside. The broth didn’t really have much flavour to it. I felt like it could have been seasoned more.

Szechuan Chicken and Green Beans

For my combo I went with the Szechuan chicken and green beans. The food came out really hot and it tasted fresh, so I didn’t get the vibe that it was just sitting pre-made in the back.

The portion here is pretty big, but not so excessively large that you can’t finish it. There was a decent amount of chicken in the dish and the pieces were large and juicy. The green beans were good, although I prefer them a bit more blackened on the outside.

The sauce was like a sweet chili sauce. It tasted good and it wasn’t overly thick and corn syrupy, which I liked.

Connie’s Cookhouse actually turned out to be better than I was expecting. It is a very Westernized Chinese restaurant, so you should come here expecting that, but the lunch specials are good value and much better than say your average food court Chinese lunch specials. After tax and tip my meal was $10, which is a pretty cheap meal in the Kitsilano area.


Yes, for cheap and decent lunch specials.

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