Maenam is an upscale Thai restaurant in Kitsilano. They serve Thai food with a modern twist and high quality ingredients. The inside of the restaurant is also much nicer than any other Thai restaurant that I have been to.

Even though it seemed a bit excessively expensive for a lunch, I have wanted to try Maenam for a while, so I stopped by while I was working in the area.

Red Curry of Braised Duck Leg

I had the red curry of braised duck leg ($17), which came with a big bowl of rice on the side.

This was the first time I have ever seen duck on a Thai menu, so I had to try it. The duck leg was braised to perfection and the meat easily pulled off the bone with my fork. This was one of my favourite duck dishes that I have ever had.

The red curry itself was one of the best curry sauces I have had. It had a fragrant flavour and you picked up notes of sweetness and hints of Thai basil. The curry also wasn’t spicy, which I liked because it allowed the flavour of the duck to stand out.

In the curry there were onions, tomatoes, and lychee. I didn’t realize there was lychee in it at first until I bit into one and it was a pleasant surprise. The floral flavour was so yummy with the savoury curry.

Maenam is pricy, so I went in a bit skeptical about whether it would be worth the money, but my meal was excellent. The dishes here are unique, well-executed, and high quality and it really is unlike any other Thai restaurant around.


Yes, for fancy Thai food.

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