Cattle Cafe

Cattle Cafe is a chain of Hong Kong style restaurants that has four locations around the Lower Mainland. They have a large menu with all of the typical Western and Asian dishes you would find at a HK Style Cafe. They also are known for their customized build your own noodle soup menu.

I recently visited the location across from Metrotown when I was in the area doing some shopping. This location is just across the road and it sounded more enticing than any food court options.


All build your own noodle soups come with a free hot drink. I ordered a coffee without realizing that it comes with milk already in it (and I was trying to avoid milk). I would have preferred milk tea if I knew this, but oh well. The coffee wasn’t very good, but it was free, so what can you expect?

Laksa Noodle Soup

I chose the Malay laksa broth for my noodle combo($7.25). I haven’t had laksa before, but I love curry so I thought it was about time to try it. I’m glad I did, because I really liked it. The broth was rich and creamy from the addition of coconut milk and it packed quite a bit of heat. It always makes me happy when spicy things actually come out spicy and they aren’t watered down.

For my fillings I chose rice noodles, fish balls, and beef slices. I have no complaints about the noodles and there was plenty of them in the bowl to fill me up. The beef slices were good, however, I lost a few that sunk down to the bottom, so they were really overcooked by the time I fished them out. The fish balls were also good. They had a bouncy texture and they soaked up all of the yummy curry broth.

I liked Cattle Cafe and I would return if I was in the Metrotown area. The food is filling and affordable and they have tons of food options.


Yes, for a cheap customized noodle soup.

Cattle Cafe 牛仔餐廳 on Urbanspoon


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