Cattle Hot Pot

Cattle Hot Pot is a hot pot restaurant located in Richmond. The restaurant is a part of the Cattle chain that also owns Cattle Cafe.

I came here with Kirsty from Eating with Kirby and Curtis from Foodobyte recently for dinner. We got here early and we were the first ones here, but later in the evening all tables were full, so you may have to wait for a table if you have a late dinner.

Chicken Broth and Spicy Broth

For our broth we had half chicken broth and half spicy broth. The chicken broth was very mild and allowed the flavours of each food item to come through. The spicy broth was extremely spicy and made everything cooked in it also very spicy.

Veggies and Noodles

We ordered a few non meat items like veggies and noodles. The sweet potato noodles were actually really good and they soaked up all of the broth flavour without filling you up too much. I also really liked the corn when cooked in the spicy broth.


Our first round of sliced beef came out frozen and it tasted pretty disappointing. We ended up ordering some more and it was fresh this time and it tasted much better. The second batch was tender and nicely marbled with fat.

Meat Balls

I really like meat balls in hot pot. They are easy to cook and they always seem to taste good. We had a variety of different fish, shrimp, pork, and beef balls and I liked them all.

I forgot to take a picture of it, but we also had these fish noodles that you squeeze into the broth and cook. I had never had them before, but I thought they were cool and they tasted really good too.

Deep-Fried Buns and Condensed Milk

This was my first time having deep fried buns with condensed milk. I’m sad that I have never had these before now, because they were so good. The buns were soft and warm inside with a nice crisp coating on the outside and once dipped in sweet condensed milk it reminded me a lot of a glazed yeast doughnut.

Another snack item they had that was yummy were fish dumplings. They were nice and tiny, so you could eat a couple without getting too full and they had a chewy texture.

I’m still pretty noob when it comes to hot pot, but I enjoyed having it at Cattle Hot Pot because I got to try a few things I have never had before. It seemed like they had a really extensive menu. I especially liked their little snack items here that were served alongside the hot pot.


Yes, for hot pot with lots of options.

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