ChineseBites Signature Dishes Tour – O Grill Yakiniku

O Grill Yakiniku is a relatively new restaurant located on Kingsway in Burnaby right across from Metrotown. Their concept is similar to Korean bbq where all tables have their own grill and you cook your own meat and veggies. They also have several appetizer items and rice bowls from various types of Asian cuisine.

I came here with the ChineseBites crew on our latest dinner adventure. This was the first time we have been to a bbq restaurant.

Taiwanese Chicken Nuggets

As an appetizer we were served some Taiwanese chicken nuggets. I liked these, but I have yet to find a Taiwanese chicken nugget that I haven’t liked. You can’t really mess up deep fried chicken.

Deep-Fried Squid

Another appetizer was the deep fried squid, which was served in the same style as the chicken above. I really liked this version and I would probably order it over the chicken just because it is something different.

Dipping Sauce

Everyone was served two dipping sauces for everything that you grill. The sauce on the left was spicy and the sauce on the left was sweet. I liked both of the sauces.

Premium Short Ribs

The premium short ribs were decent, but to be honest, I wish they were marinated in something to give them more flavour. Even though we had sauces to dip them in after I feel like that doesn’t add the same amount of flavour a good marinade can add, so they were a bit disappointing.

Marinaded Chicken

The marinaded chicken was one of my favourite meats of the night. This chicken had much more flavour that the other meats and I enjoyed both the basil sauce and the spicy sauce.


We had a few different desserts off of the menu, but the only one worth mentioning was the mochi. I enjoyed this dessert because it was fun to grill them and I just love the chewy texture of mochi. The sweet condensed milk and peanuts are also a yummy dipping sauce.

To be honest, I wasn’t overwhelmed with the food here. I liked the appetizers, but the meat used for the bbq was pretty bland and that should have been the best part of the menu. I didn’t even bother writing about half of the meat we ate because it came out frozen and the only thing you could taste was the dipping sauce. I feel like they are trying to incorporate too many things into the menu and they really need to focus their theme.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.


No, the meat for the bbq is bland.

O Grill Yakiniku 炎燒日式燒烤 on Urbanspoon


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