Tasting Plates West 4th Edition

Last weekend I attended the latest Tasting Plates event put on by Vancouver Foodster held on West 4th in Kitsilano. We had eight restaurants within a few blocks of each other to visit throughout the course of the evening.


At O5 Rare Tea Bar we sampled a matcha shot, a spoon of candied hibiscus flower, and various different types of kombucha tea.

I didn’t have the matcha shot because I didn’t want to be up all night, but I have had it before from here and it is great. The kombucha here is really unique and an interesting item to try. Kombucha is fermented tea and it has a bubbly texture like a soft drink.


At Romer’s Burger Bar we had the standard burger with aged cheddar, the magic mushroom burger, and the socal turkey burger.

I didn’t get to try the magic mushroom burger, but I sampled the other two. The turkey burger had a bit of spicy flavour and a creamy texture from the avocado, however, the turkey patty was too dry and lean for my personal preferences.

The standard burger was good. It was everything a burger should be. It had a thick, juicy patty and the bun was buttery and soft.


At Las Margaritas we had a chicken taquito, scallop ceviche, and a tostada.

The chicken taquito was just okay, it tasted like all other taquitos I have had. I really liked the scallop ceviche. It was fresh and had lots of herbaceous and spicy flavours. The scallops were nice and meaty and there was a good veggie to scallop ratio. The tostada was also pretty good. It was smothered with tons of toppings like beans, lettuce, cheese, and pickled vegetables.


Jackson’s Meats is a deli and meat shop and here we sampled an Italian sausage and some home-made soups. I was getting full, so I skipped out of the soups. I didn’t like the Italian sausage, but that is only because I hate fennel sausage.


The Guanaco food truck came out to Kitsilano to be a part of the event. Here we were served their signature pupusa with your choice of chicken, pork, or vegetable filling. They are served with a little side of yuca frita (deep-fried cassava similar to a potato), a little salad, and a cup of horchata.

I enjoyed the pupusa. It was meaty and cheesy and filling. The yuca frita seemed like they had been made a while ago and they weren’t that crispy or hot.


At Doner Kebab we had a little falafel platter with a salad, pita, and hummus. The falafel here was really good and I would come back here to buy it again. It had a super crunchy texture on the outside and it wasn’t soggy like other falafel I have had. The mixed salad was fresh and light and was brought to life with a big pile of parsley on top. I found the hummus disappointing and rather flavourless. It could have used some more garlic and lemon to brighten it up.


At the Bibo we sampled a few different types of pizza. The pizza here was very good and it was easily my favourite place of the tour. The bread dough is thin and chewy and the tomato sauce has a nice sweet flavour.


Our last stop of the night was at Culprit Coffee, which is a cute little cafe that has the most adorable raccoon logo. I had a soy macchiato. The macchiatos here are made the traditional way, not the Starbucks way, which means it is just an espresso shot with a little drop of milk.

The espresso shot was so ridiculously strong that I couldn’t even drink it. Just thinking about it makes my mouth pucker. They were having a few issues with their espresso machine before I got my drink though, so I have a feeling that is not how the coffee should actually taste.


For a little dessert, we had a sampling of a baguette with house made raspberry chia jam, a white chocolate and honey pecan brittle cookie with Maldon sea salt, and a chocolate raspberry financier.

All of these desserts were pretty tasty and they are all gluten-free. I don’t care about gluten-free stuff, so I was just glad they still tasted good.

Tasting Plates is a fun way to try a bunch of different restaurants in a short amount of time. It is also good if you are looking for an activity to do with a group of people that is something different. If you are interested in attending a Tasting Plates event, check out Vancouverfoodster.com for ticket information and details.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my ticket.


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