Caché Bistro and Lounge Tasting

Caché Bistro and Lounge is an upscale restaurant on Hamilton Street in Yaletown. They use French cooking techniques but their cuisine is a fusion of French and Asian flavours. I was recently invited to a bloggers dinner to try out a four course meal of some of the signature items.


To begin our meal, we were served a French loaf with truffle butter and satay butter. I enjoy flavoured butter with bread at restaurants because it takes it from an ordinary filler dish, to something more interesting. Both of the butters had strong flavours and they are both worth trying.

Paris Picnic

For an appetizer we shared the Paris Picnic, which is a charcuterie platter made with Oyama Sausage cured meats, a house made foie gras mousse, olives, and house pickled vegetables.

I don’t mind charcuterie plates, but cold meats always just seem like something I could put together at home more economically, so I rarely order them. Everything on this plate tasted fine, but the only thing that stood out as something special was the foie gras mousse. It was light and airy, but still rich and indulgent.

Peace Country Lamb Chop

The Peace Country lamb chop was made with a grilled lamb chop, a piece of house-made fennel lamb sausage, served on a bed of navy bean ragout.

The lamb chop was a nice shade of pink and it was very moist and well prepared. I was surprised that I enjoyed the lamb sausage because I normally hate fennel sausage. The fennel flavour was very mild and I barely noticed it (which is a good thing in my case).

I didn’t like the navy bean ragout because the beans were very firm and hard. I don’t know if that is the way this dish is supposed to be served, but I didn’t enjoy it at all.

Aldergrove Mok Ribs

The Aldergrove Mok Ribs were a big hit with everyone at the table. This is one of Cache’s signature dishes and they are very proud of it. The pork back ribs were tender, juicy, and the meat just fell off the bone. The BBQ sauce was pretty tasty and had a bit of a sweet flavour and subtle notes of spices. This is a must try item if you visit Caché.

On the side of the ribs was a sesame cilantro red cabbage coleslaw. I enjoy light coleslaw more so than the creamy version, so I really liked the light, fresh flavours of this dish.

Caché S'more

For dessert, we had the Caché S’more, which is their modern take on the classic campfire dish. Instead of wafers, the bottom is made with a croissant pudding and they top it with house made marshmallow and chocolate ganache. They make different flavours of marshmallow and on the night we were they it was coconut.

The Caché S’more was excellent and probably my favourite dish of the night. The home-made marshmallow was so good and I especially loved the nutty coconut flavour. The croissant bread pudding was a great idea and it added a buttery, rich element to the dish.

My overall experience at Caché was positive and it was a nice treat to have an upscale meal because I rarely go to fancy places and I doubt I would have ventured here on my own. The ribs and the s’mores are worth a visit.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.

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