Congee Noodle King

Congee Noodle King is a Chinese restaurant on Kingsway in Vancouver that specializes in comfort food like noodles and congee (if you didn’t already guess that from the name). The menu here is the same as Congee Noodle House on East Broadway.

I came here with my friend Melissa because we had a craving for congee. The inside of the restaurant has a dumpy dive type atmosphere, but every table was full on a weekday and I was on the only white person there, so that has to be a good sign right?

Won Ton Noodles

The bowl of wonton noodles ($5.10) was stuffed to the max with noodles. Under the noodles were a bunch of large shrimp and pork wontons. This dish was simple, but good. The chicken broth had a pure and lightly salty flavour that made the noodles taste great after they soaked it up. The noodles had a nice chewy texture to them and the wontons were meaty and bouncy.

Chicken and Mushroom Congee

The chicken and mushroom congee ($5.10) was filled with plenty of slices of chicken and big chunks of mushrooms. I would have preferred the mushrooms to be in smaller pieces, but oh well, it still tasted good. The congee had a nice consistency that wasn’t too thick or too watery.

Chinese Doughnut

You can’t have congee without Chinese doughnuts ($1.75). They are the perfect congee companion and they taste delicious when you dip them into the soupy congee. These were really good. Compared to other times I’ve had Chinese doughnuts. these tasted really fresh. They were still soft on the inside and slightly warm.

Steamed Prawn Rice Rolls

Our last dish was steamed shrimp rice rolls ($3.65). These are a good item to share for a little snack. I liked how much sauce they put on the dish because I am all about sauce. These rolls soaked it all up and tasted delicious.

My meal from Congee Noodle King was super satisfying. The food here is simple and comforting, so don’t expect anything fancy, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste great. It is also really affordable and we completely stuffed ourselves for under $20.


Yes, for great and affordable Chinese comfort food.

Congee Noodle King 粥麵軒 on Urbanspoon


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