Earls Lobster Event

Every year in October, the Earls Restaurant chain puts on a special lobster dinner promotion for a couple of days to celebrate Alexander Keith’s legacy. Alexander Keith was a Scottish born Canadian who lived in Nova Scotia and founded Alexander Keith’s brewery in 1820.

I was recently invited by Earls for a special sneak peek of the lobster dinner. The promotion will take place from October 3-5, 2013 and on these days you can get a lobster dinner at any Earls location in Canada for $25. You can also choose to add a special Alexander Keith Hop Series Ale for an extra $5.

Alexander Keith Hop Series Ale

I tried the Alexander Keith Hop Series Ale and I enjoyed it. I just realized there are two different hope series ales and to be honest, I don’t remember which one I tried here. All I know is that I enjoyed this big glass of beer and I thought it was a good pairing with the lobster. It makes sense that a beer company from back east would go great with lobster.

Lobster Dinner

The dinner comes with a 1.5 pound lobster, which comes with the tail and claws split for you. They give you utensils to do the rest of the digging yourself. I generally don’t like seafood where I have to get really down and dirty with it, but it was very easy to pull the lobster meat out. The meat was buttery and succulent, so it was definitely worth the bit of effort.

The plate also comes with corn, fingerling potatoes, a brioche roll, prawns, a grilled lemon, and chardonnay butter. The chardonnay butter and grilled lemon made everything taste extra delicious. I loved both the prawns and the fingerling potatoes that came on the side. Both were executed well in a simple way that brought their flavours to life. The corn for me was only okay, but I have been spoiled by eating fresh local Chilliwack corn all Summer and it is hard to go back to anything else.

This was my first time eating a whole lobster and I thought it was a fun experience. For $25, it is a pretty great deal and I can’t think of any other nice restaurants where you could eat the same quality of food for this price.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.


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