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Earls has recently launched a new brunch menu that is available until 2pm on weekends. One of the main features on the brunch menu is their new sourdough bread, which is utilized in many of the new dishes. Earls bakes it in-house and they have been working on the sourdough starter for two years.

Yesterday I was invited to a special blogger preview to sample all of their new brunch dishes and drinks. It was cool to get a comprehensive look at their entire menu.


Before we began eating, we were all served a mimosa ($8.75) made with freshly squeezed orange juice to sip on. Mimosas are great, but there isn’t much to say about them because they are what they are.


I never put vertical pictures into my posts, but that was the only way to capture the full essence of the baesar ($10). This drink is a one ounce caesar combined with a bottle of budweiser. To be honest, I have never had a caesar because I’m not crazy about clamato juice, and I don’t like budweiser, but for some reason I wanted to try this crazy drink.

I liked it more than I expected to and the more I sipped it the more it grew on me. The beer dilutes the clamato juice, so it isn’t too strong and tomatoey, which I liked. This combination of flavours actually goes together well and it is worth a try if you like crazy novelty drinks.

Cinnamon Buns

Every brunch meal at Earls comes with complimentary cinnamon buns. These cinnamon buns are amazing.

I am spoiled and I rarely find cinnamon buns that aren’t freshly baked at home very good, but these taste just like freshly baked home-made ones. They were warm, soft, and gooey and filled with plenty of raisins and topped with finger-licking sticky icing. It is worth it to come for brunch just to try some of these.

Granola and Yogurt Parfait

The granola and yogurt parfait ($9) was the prettiest parfait I have seen. I loved the presentation in the mason-esque jar.

They make the granola in-house from flax, rolled oats, dried cranberries, sultanas, and toasted almonds and pecans. The granola is topped with a yogurt and fresh berries (the toppings will change seasonally). They also serve agave syrup alongside the parfait to sweeten the dish as you please, which is a good idea since everyone has different preferences.

The granola was tasty and it had a pleasant crunchy texture and subtly sweet flavours. For being a healthy option, this was really good and something I wish I could eat every morning.

Croque Madame

The croque madame ($13) is a sandwich made with sourdough bread and filled with Virginia ham and swiss cheese. It is then topped with a poached egg and roasted serrano cream.

This was my favourite dish out of the whole brunch menu and many other bloggers at the table felt the same way. The croque madame is my perfect idea of a brunch item because it is indulgent and comforting.

The sourdough was the perfect chewy bread for this dish. The roasted serrano cream had a great unique flavour that was rich and not spicy at all. I love hollandaise, but it is nice to see something new and different used for a breakfast sauce.

Chorizo and Mushroom Hash

The chorizo and mushroom hash ($14) is made with crispy fried potatoes, avocado, field mushrooms, poached eggs, and hollandaise.

I love breakfast hash dishes, but I’m not the biggest chorizo fan. Despite not loving chorizo, I still really enjoyed this dish because all of the components were great and well executed. My favourite thing about it was the perfectly crispy potatoes. Many breakfast places claim to have crispy potatoes, but they barely qualify. These were super crunchy and amazing and I would order a bowl of them just on their own.

Eggs Benny

The eggs benny ($13) here is made with Virginia ham, poached eggs, and hollandaise on top of grilled sourdough.

I love eggs benny, but surprisingly this was the only dish I wasn’t into. I prefer a thicker meat on my bennies and I rarely order ham, so the thinly sliced ham just didn’t do it for me (and yes I realize it is weird that I loved the croque madame and didn’t like this dish even though they were so similar).

Sourdough French Toast

The sourdough french toast ($12) is made with sourdough bread topped with chantilly cream, berry puree, pure maple, and whipped butter. This is another dish that will have different seasonal toppings.

I never order French toast at brunch because I am more of a meat and eggs girl, but I would order this dish. The sourdough makes amazing French toast that has great texture and substance. The chantilly cream and berries were the perfect topping. You will probably want to die after eating such a massive and heavy dish, but it will be a good death.


The last dish on the brunch menu was the vegetarian friendly frittata ($12) made with field mushrooms, grape tomatoes, and goat cheese. The frittata also comes with a side of arugula salad.

This was a lighter option than most of the others, but it was still fresh and flavourful. Baked egg dishes aren’t my favourite, as I love oozy yolks, but this was well executed and I enjoyed the hints of goat cheese flavour.

I was impressed with the new brunch menu at Earls and it is one of the most well executed brunch meals I have had in a long time. Everything here is high quality and Earls is very dedicated to using the best ingredients and making everything in-house, which I respect. The portion sizes are all quite large and I feel like you get a good bang for your buck here. If you are craving a good brunch meal this weekend, it is definitely worth checking out.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.


Yes, for a delicious brunch.

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