Kishimoto is a Japanese restaurant on commercial drive that is known for their inventive sushi rolls. The inside of the restaurant is cute and pretty small and it has a fun atmosphere.

I have heard lots of good things about this place, so my friend Melissa and I came here for dinner to check it out. This place is very popular and it gets busy during peak dinner time, so get here early, otherwise you could be waiting a while for a table.

Salmon Oshi Sushi

The salmon oshi sushi ($10.75) is pretty much a copy of Miku and Minami’s famous dish, but it is $5 cheaper. Surprisingly, this was just as good as Miku’s. The salmon was tender and the rice was lightly pressed, so it “melted in your mouth”. The jalapeno on top added a hint of spice and the torched sauce added a smokey, creamy, flavour.

OMG Roll

The omg roll ($4.75) is made with tempura bits, spicy sauce, avocado, and a sweet miso sauce. For having no fish in this roll, it was pretty delicious.

The roll was small and the perfect popping in your mouth size. The tempura bits added a nice crunch to it and I liked how they were inside instead of being all over the top and messy like other fusion sushi rolls. The sweet miso sauce provided a nice balance to the spice and gave this roll a unique flavour.

Soy Paper Roll

The soy paper roll was made with a thin layer of rice, scallop, salmon, radish, and sprouts all wrapped in a piece of soy paper.

This roll tasted fresh and light. The radish and sprouts added an earthy flavour and the salmon and scallops were great. I liked how it was unique and the soy paper gives it an interesting texture.

Hamachili Roll

The hamachili roll was filled with hamachi, jalapeño, cilantro, avocado, and chili mayo. While this roll looked very beautiful, the balance of flavours seemed a bit off to me. I love cilantro, but there was so much in the roll that is completely overpowered all of the other flavours and it was the only thing you could taste. The flavour of the chili mayo was also virtually non-existent. I wouldn’t order this roll again.

Salmon Hot Stone Rice Bowl

The salmon hot stone rice bowl was one of my favourites. This bowl seemed larger than other hot stone rice bowls I have had and it was filled with lots of salmon, nori, spinach, and an egg.

When you let everything sit in the bowl for a few minutes it forms a delicious crispy crust that gives everything a smokey taste. This dish is really filling and a must try if you come here.

I liked the food from Kishimoto and I definitely think it is up there for being one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city. The food is fun and innovative, but it is more delicate and Japanese inspired than many other fusion sushi roll places.


Yes, for tasty and unique sushi/Japanese dishes.

Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen 岸本 on Urbanspoon


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2 Comments on “Kishimoto”

  1. September 20, 2013 at 7:41 pm #

    Do you remember how much was the salmon hot stone rice bowl?

    • September 20, 2013 at 8:07 pm #

      No sorry 😦 My guess is around $12. I forgot to write it down and it isn’t on the take out menu

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