Tasting Plates – Mt. Pleasant Edition

Last night I attended the Tasting Plates event in Mt. Pleasant. Tasting Plates is a food tour that is put on by Vancouver Foodster where you buy a ticket and then travel around to selected restaurants in one specific area to sample some bite sized dishes.

On each tour you visit several different restaurants, but to begin, you meet up at one restaurant to pick up your tasting sheet and map. After the first place, you are free to visit the restaurants in any order you like.

Milano Coffee

Our first stop to begin the tour was Milano Coffee Roasters on 8th ave. I have heard a lot of good things about Milano coffee, but this was my first time trying it. On the left is the truffle shot and on the right is a stove top espresso.

The truffle shot was a little bit creamy and it had a dark, rich, luxurious taste to it. The stove top was my favourite and it was one of the best espresso drinks I have had in a while. I love the flavour that comes from stove top espresso and this was silky smooth and easy to drink. After sampling this, I am definitely coming back here again.

Chicha Restaurant

Chicha is a Peruvian fusion restaurant on West Broadway. Here we had a sampling of three items: local wild salmon sliders, quinoa salad, and house made potato chips.

The salmon on the slider was tender and flakey and it had a nice smokey flavour from the bbq.

The quinoa salad had mangos, avocados, red peppers, and red onions in it and was tossed in a cilantro-huacatay dressing. This salad was light and refreshing, but still very flavourful and bright tasting.

I really enjoyed the house made potato chips. They were super crunchy and salty and they were dusted in rocoto (which is a type of pepper), so they had a kick to them.

Baylor's Groceteria

We made a stop at Baylor’s Groceteria, which is a little convenience market that has house-made soups available every day. I love finding weird unsuspecting little places and I would have never noticed this place on my own, so it was cool that we went here.

I had the vegan curry pumpkin bisque with cashews. I was surprised at how good this soup was coming from a convenience store. It had a thick, creamy texture and a nice aromatic pumpkin curry flavour.

Urban Fare

Urban Fare on False Creek gave us a sampling plate of a few items. I love Urban Fare and this location is especially beautiful inside. I wish I was rich and could do all of my grocery shopping here.

On the plate is a curry chicken crostini, a prosciutto melon skewer, a piece of coconut gouda, and a salted caramel macaron.

Everything here was good, but I especially liked the coconut gouda. Yes, you read that right, coconut flavoured cheese. Surprisingly, the sweet nutty flavour worked well with the soft creamy cheese.

I was also surprised by how good the salted caramel macaron was. It had a crunchy exterior, while being soft and chewy in the middle and a sweet caramel flavour.

Flip Top Truck

Flip Top is a Filipino fusion food truck that is new on the Vancouver street food scene. This truck gave us a sampling of a spring roll, a slider, and a bbq pork skewer.

The spring roll was filled with vegetables and was served with a kalamansi sweet chili sauce. The sauce was tasty and I liked the filling of the spring rolls. I wish they had been crisper, but since they were serving so many people at once I can understand why they pre-made them.

The bbq pork was marinated in banana ketchup and topped with fresh cilantro, grated radish, garlic aioli, and nori. I loved this skewer. The pork was tender and meaty and I loved all the balance of flavours. I would highly recommend trying this item.

Lastly, we had the pacman pandesal sliders. This was a meaty and filling slider that was topped with pickled red cabbage, carrots, hoisin mayo, crispy leeks, and roasted garlic aioli. I liked how they used veggies that you wouldn’t normally find on a slider. They added a fresh crunch to eat bite.

Le Tigre

At Le Tigre we had a seafood miso chowder bowl. This soup was very tasty and it is like a classic chowder dish with hints of lemon and miso flavours. The vegetables were cooked nicely and there were some big chunks of salmon in it.

Bonchaz Bakery

For a dessert option, we stopped at Bonchaz on Main for a bonchaz bun. I ordered the apple cinnamon spiced bun.  To be honest, I was so full I haven’t eaten this and I am saving it for my breakfast in the morning. But I have had bonchaz buns before and I like how they are a light, but sweet dessert.

I had fun at my first tasting plates event and I enjoyed being able to try a bunch of different dishes in one night. There was lots of food and I was stuffed by the end of it. I also liked how you can go at your own pace, so you can go as fast, or as slow as you please. If you are interested in attending a tasting plates event, visit Vancouver Foodster for more information and ticket purchases.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my ticket.


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