Triple O’s Poutine Burger

Out of all the fast food chains around, I think Triple O’s has one of the best burgers (although I don’t like their fries). I also like how they have some interesting features and they aren’t afraid to break away from the norm and try something new. Their newest featured item is the poutine burger, and since I love weird food creations, I had to try it.

Poutine Burger

The poutine burger comes with bacon, cheese curds, fries, chipotle mayo, and gravy, all loaded into a bun.

I used to put fries in my McDonald’s cheeseburgers as a kid, so  I loved how they put fries and gravy inside the burger. The gravy was rich and made this burger messy, but delicious. The cheese curds in the sandwich were the melty kind, and they became soft and gooey from the warm gravy. At first I was hesitant about the chipotle mayo combined with the gravy, but it worked and it gave the burger a hint of spice.

This is a thick, meaty, filling burger. It is like a meal in one, so I don’t think getting a combo with fries is really necessary. I would recommend trying it, at least once for the novelty of it.


Yes, for a messy, unique burger.


Categories: $ (less than $10), Burgers, Fast Food, Metro Vancouver


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One Comment on “Triple O’s Poutine Burger”

  1. September 21, 2013 at 2:05 pm #

    Looks and sounds extremely good. Although I guess you have to burn some calories after eating this burger.

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