The Pink Bicycle

The Pink Bicycle is a gourmet burger joint in Victoria. They have a burger for pretty much anyone, whether you like a classic style burger, unique meat patties, or are a vegetarian.

I came here with my friend Katherine for dinner while I was visiting Victoria. The inside of the restaurant feels pretty hip and they have a tiny patio outside that we sat on.

Blue Cheese Lamb Burger

I had the blue cheese lamb burger ($15).

The lamb patty was excellent and well seasoned. It is made with local organic infused lamb and savory rosemary apricot pesto. It had a nice meaty lamb flavour, without being gamey and tough.

The blue cheese and lime mayo was great. It was very rich and creamy. Sometimes blue cheese can be too overwhelming, but I thought this had a nice balance with a hint of pungent flavour.

I really liked the bun they used. It was soft, fresh tasting, and slightly chewy. Sesame seed buns are always good with burgers.

The fries here were also really good. They were super crispy and I couldn’t stop eating them even though I was full.

Moroccan Veggie Burger

Katherine had the Moroccan veggie burger ($11), which is made with a spiced garbanzo bean patty infused with dates and topped with red peppers and mintro sauce.

I had a bite of this burger and it was very good. It was anything but a bland boring veggie burger. I liked the thick texture of the chickpea patty and there were lots of herbs and spices to give it flavour.

I enjoyed my burger from the Pink Bicycle. The restaurant is cute and hip and I think it reflects Victoria well. I would come back again if I was having a burger craving.


Yes, for a good gourmet burger.

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Categories: $$ ($10-$15), Burgers, Vancouver Island


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