Twisted Fork Bistro

Twisted Fork Bistro is a French inspired restaurant located on Granville Street. Twisted Fork is also known for being a good place to get brunch downtown and they are often lined up on the weekend. The inside of the restaurant is dark, lively, and cozy.

I have always wanted to try their brunch menu, but I am normally busy on weekend mornings, so I haven’t had the chance. Recently Twisted Fork expanded their hours so that they are open for brunch during the week as well as weekends. Once I saw this, I had to visit and I brought my friend Melissa with me.

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benny

I had the smoked salmon eggs benny ($13.50).

All of their eggs benny dishes come served on toasted brioche bread instead of an English muffin. I like it when places switch it up and do something different with eggs benny. The bread was very rich and buttery. The inside was nice and soft, but I found the outside crust too dry and tough. I ended up just cutting off the edges and eating the inside.

I was impressed with the amount of smoked salmon on the bread. They definitely didn’t skimp out. The eggs were poached nice and soft and the hollandaise was rich and creamy.

Instead of just your regular hashbrowns, a potato rosti, sautéed spinach, and baked beans were served on the side. The potato rosti was good and the baked beans were an interesting and tasty addition to the plate. They were pretty heavy though for early in the day so I couldn’t finish them all. I normally really like sautéed spinach, but the spinach tasted very bitter and under seasoned.

Honey Lager Sausage Eggs Benny

Melissa also had the eggs benny, but with honey lager sausage ($13.50). I had a bite of the sausage and it was good. It was a dryer sausage and it wasn’t overly greasy or heavy.

My overall impression of the food at Twisted Fork was that it was good and satisfying, but not amazing. I enjoyed my meal, but it wouldn’t be special enough to justify waiting in a long line up on the weekend for it. I would however, return for a during the week brunch since there are limited options around the city.


Yes, for a good brunch weekday brunch.

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