A Taste of the PNE 2013

Yesterday I was invited to a media event at the PNE where we got to sample some of the popular new items at the fair this year. I’m not reviewing all of the items we had, just my top three favourite stands that I think are worth trying.

Cheese Please

Our first stop was at the Cheese Please stand where they sell kid friendly sandwiches and more creative grilled cheese for grown ups. This was actually my favourite stand of the day.

Tomato Soup

The tomato soup here was really good. It was a bit cool in the morning when we were here and this was a comforting item. The soup had a nice thick texture and a hint of creamy richness.

Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese

My favourite sandwich here was the jalapeño popper grilled cheese. The sandwich was made with multi-grain bread and filled with fried jalapeños, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and tortilla chips.

This sandwich was creamy, rich, and gooey. I liked how it had both cheddar and cream cheese because the cream cheese took it to another level.

The fried jalapenos were coated in a crispy batter and they added a spicy kick to the sandwich. I also really liked the tortilla chips inside. It gave the sandwich a good crunchy texture and it reminds me of when I put chips in my sandwich at home.

Pickle Pete's

Another new stand at the PNE this year is Pickle Pete’s, where they deep fry various items.

Deep Fried Pickles and Green Beans

We sampled the deep-fried pickles and green beans and I loved them. They sliced the pickles into chips, which is a much tastier way to do it than the fat length wise slices because they get nice and crisp.

Both the pickles and the green beans were good. They both had a snappy crunch to them with crispy batter on the outside.


The other stand that I enjoyed was the gourmet burger stand. They sell some crazy burger creations as well as exotic meat sliders.

I tried the sliders, but I didn’t care for them. I always find that meat other than beef used to make burger patties is too tough and dry. The large burgers were much better.

The Vortex

I sampled the vortex burger, which is a bacon cheese burger with fried eggs sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. I tried a grilled cheese burger in Portland at the Brunch Box and I loved it, so I was excited to see one here.

This burger was very good. How could it not be with all those delicious, fatty ingredients? Grilled cheese sandwiches are the perfect “burger bun” as far as I’m concerned. They get crisp on the outside, but when you bite into them they are all soft and gooey and it almost melts in your mouth. The beef patty was thick and juicy and tasted great.

This sandwich costs $15, but it could easily be shared with a couple of people and I think it is well worth the price for the experience of it.

There is a lot of gimmicky food at the PNE, but there are also a few hidden gems. If you find yourself visiting the PNE in the next couple of days before it closes and you are looking for something good, unique, and delicious to eat, I would recommend trying these items.


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