O5 Rare Tea Bar Anniversary Open House Event August 24

O5 Rare Tea Bar is a specialty tea shop located in Kitsilano at 2208 West 4th. They are celebrating their one year anniversary with an all day open house at the shop on August 24th.

Matcha Grinder

Anyone can drop by for free and enjoy complimentary tea tastings. They will also be hosting tea talks throughout the day about traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, utilizing matcha in cooking, and creating your own kombucha.

If you are interesting in attending, you can also check out my review of my experience at O5 Rare Tea Bar.


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One Comment on “O5 Rare Tea Bar Anniversary Open House Event August 24”

  1. holly
    August 22, 2013 at 7:57 pm #

    As much as I love tea, I wanted to like this place. However, I find the way they choose to present their tea (in a wine glass of all things) pretentious and ostentatious. Tea culture is about enjoying life’s simple pleasures and paying high prices and drinking out of non-typical tea cups doesn’t do it for me. Too bad. Some of the non-traditional tea countries they feature, such as Korea, really piques my interest.

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