Morimoto Napa

Iron Chef Morimoto has several restaurants around the States and I have always wanted to visit one. I finally got the chance to try Morimoto Napa for a light lunch when my Mom and I drove through Napa on our trip to San Francisco. The Morimoto Napa location is large, spacious, and beautiful.

Green Tea

I started off with a pot of green tea (you have to pay extra here for tea). I like it when I get a full pot at the table so I can fill it up myself.

The green tea here wasn’t the typical stuff you normally get at Japanese restaurants. It had a floral flavour to it and hints of lemongrass. It was a great green tea.

Pork Gyoza

My Mom had the pork gyoza, which look unlike any other gyoza I have had. The gyoza are covered in a layer of bacon foam, which adds an interesting smokey element to the dish. Under the foam, there were a bunch of gyoza and a tomato sauce.

The gyoza themselves were good and the pork filling was tender and juicy. The tomato sauce was an interesting fusion element that worked surprisingly well.

Lobster Wonton Soup in Pho Broth

I had the lobster wonton soup in a Vietnamese pho broth. The lobster wontons were amazing. The wonton wrapper had the right amount of thickness and the filling inside was buttery and smooth. A large chunk of lobster was also in the soup, which felt like a little extra bonus.

The beef broth was incredible. Before this point, I thought on some level that all broth was the same, but this made me realize what a difference quality of ingredients can make. I wish all pho broth tasted this good. It had such a rich, pure beef flavour and hints of all the aromatic spices that are normally in pho broth.

This was an excellent soup, and although it was very expensive and not something I could get all the time, I am very glad I tried it.

Tuna Belly

I also had some tuna belly sashimi. This sashimi was the best I’ve had. The tuna belly almost disintegrated on my tongue and it taste like tuna butter.

I really enjoyed our meal from Morimoto. This isn’t a traditional Japanese restaurant, it is more modern and has fusion elements, but I think they pull it off very well. The food is all high quality, presently artfully, and it tastes amazing. It is also very expensive, so I wouldn’t come here all the time, but it is great for a special occasion.


Yes, for beautiful modern Japanese food.

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