Rockin’ Rajio Vaneats Dining Pass

The latest Vaneats dining pass is for Rajio, a Japanese restaurant in Kitsilano. Rajio is owned by the same people as Suika and Kingyo and they specialize in izakaya type dishes. I was excited for this dining pass, because I have been to Rajio before and enjoyed my experience.

Cabbage Salad

Every table is served a complimentary cabbage salad to begin the meal. It doesn’t look that exciting, but I loved this dish. The cabbage was crunchy and refreshing and it was covered in an addictive sauce.

Today's Cold Tapas

The first item in the package is one of their daily cold tapas items. They switch these up, so the same items may not be available every day. They have both vegetarian and meat options. I had the deep-fried mackerel dish.

The mackerel was coated in batter and served chilled. The fish had a nice flavour to it and it was submerged in a tangy, light, sauce. It was also covered in sliced of onions and peppers. I enjoyed this dish and it was a good way to start the meal.

Kushikatsu Set

One of the things that Rajio specializes in is kushikatsu, which are deep-fried skewers. The package comes with a set of six random items. We had an eggplant, onion, chicken, fish ball, beef, and something else that I can’t remember.

All of the skewers tasted great and they had a nice crunchy outside and weren’t overly greasy. They also bring condiments to the table for the skewers. They had tartar sauce, onion relish, lemon salt, katsu sauce, and a yuzu sauce. I mixed a lot of the sauces together and they all tasted great.

Dynamic Balsamic Sweet and Sour Pork Rib

The dynamic balsamic sweet and sour pork rib was my favourite dish from the package. For some reason, I was expecting little spare ribs, so this was much meatier and bigger than I imagined.

The pork was very tender, flavourful, and pulled apart easily. I loved the balsamic sweet and sour sauce. It was sweet, but it had a definable tang to it that balanced it out nicely. It was much better than most other sweet and sour sauces out there.

Mini Carpaccio

The last item in the package is a mini carpaccio plate with the chef’s choice of three kinds of fish. This plate had salmon, tuna, and snapper on it.

This plate was so beautiful to look at. There were so many garnishes on top I didn’t even know what I was eating half of the time, but it tasted delicious. The fish was all sliced thinly and tasted very fresh.

I really enjoyed the Rockin’ Rajio dining pass from Vaneats and it is up there as being one of my favourites. You get a nice variety of hot and cold items and there were no weak items. I really liked everything and could see myself getting all of these items again.

You can buy the Rockin’ Rajio pass at for $18.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my dining pass.


Yes, for fun and innovative Japanese izakaya dishes.

Rajio Japanese Public House on Urbanspoon


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