Sotto Mare

Sotto Mare is a restaurant in San Francisco that specializes in seafood with an Italian twist. I did some research before my trip to San Fran and according to a few different websites, Sotto Mare has “the best” cioppino in the city.  Cioppino is a seafood stew that San Francisco is famous for creating, so eating some while I was there was on my must-do list.

Sotto Mare has an old school seafood restaurant kind of vibe complete with outdated nautical decor. But I liked that. I didn’t want to go to a tourist trap place and this place had a no frills legit vibe.

Bellini Cocktail

I ordered a bellini cocktail to drink ($8). It was bubbly and sweet.

The Best Damn Crab Cioppino With Seafood

For dinner, I had the “best damn crab cioppino with seafood” ($38). On the menu it says it is large enough for two people, but I ate it all myself. By the end of it I was full, but if I shared this I wouldn’t have been, unless I also had a bunch of appetizers.

The pot is filled up with crab legs, mussels, clams, squid, bay scallops, shrimp, prawns, and penne pasta noodles. If you like seafood, you are guaranteed to like this dish.

While all of the seafood was good and tasted fresh, the crab legs were definitely the star of the dish. They were so fresh tasting and the meat was sweet and succulent. I was glad that they didn’t skimp on them.

I loved the cioppino I had and I would definitely recommend going to Sotto Mare for a real San Francisco experience. Just be prepared to get messy while eating this (it’s a good thing they give you a bib).


Yes, for excellent cioppino.

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