Marutama Ramen

Marutama Ramen is the newest addition to the West End ramen scene. It is tucked around the corner on Bidwell just off of Robson. They are a chain and have locations all over Asia, but this is their first location in North America. The inside is cool and has probably the nicest ambiance of all the ramen places in the area.

I’m obsessively in love with ramen, so anytime a new ramen place pops up I need to go check it out. I came here recently with Diana from Foodology and Dee from Gastrofork for dinner.

Marutama Tamago Ramen

I ordered their signature ramen which is the Marutama tamago ramen ($10.50). What makes Marutama different from other ramen places is that they use a chicken stock to make their broth, while many of the other places in the area use pork.

The chicken broth definitely gives it a lighter taste and texture. The broth had a nicely balanced flavour that didn’t make you feel greasy and heavy after. They also put some seaweed in the soup, which adds a salty flavour.

Apparently they make their own noodles here, but I only felt luke warm about them. They were thinner and not as chewy and bouncy as some of the other places. They weren’t bad, just not my favourite.

The pork here was also good, but not great. I like fatty pork in my ramen, and theirs was more on the lean side.

Soft Boiled Flavoured Egg

The saving grace for Marutama for me is this ridiculously amazing egg. I’ve never had an egg like this before and I can safely say it is the best egg I’ve ever eaten in my life. It is soft-boiled to perfection and it has a beautiful golden runny yolk inside. I’m drooling a bit right now just looking at it.

They also marinade the eggs (in what I’m assuming is some sort of soy based sauce) so the whole thing has a savoury salty flavour.  I seriously want to come here and just order five eggs and eat them for a meal.

I’m glad I tried Marutama Ramen, but it didn’t steal the top spot for my favourite ramen place. If you prefer lighter ramen then you will like this place, but I’m a pork girl and I prefer to risk having a heart attack from fat consumption after I eat a bowl of ramen. That being said, their eggs are life changing, so I would come back just to eat some of them again. One other issue I have is that their ramen is really expensive. The one I got was by far the cheapest item on the menu and it didn’t fill me up.


Yes, for a ridick good egg and if you like lighter ramen.

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