July Snackbox by Erin Ireland

I was recently sent the new July Snackbox by Erin Ireland to review. Erin Ireland is a local foodie who appears on local TV shows to talk about food around the city and she is the owner of To Die For Banana Bread (which is really delicious). I love getting Snackboxes and I had high hopes for this box.

Chocolate Ginger Cookie

The Kitchening & Co chocolate ginger cookies are made using high quality ingredients in small batches out of a kitchen in Metro Vancouver.

I’m a big cookie snob and I rarely find any store-bought cookies worth eating because they are too dry and they don’t resemble real home-baked cookies. I had low expectations for these cookies, but I was blown away by them.

They are incredibly moist and they taste like they were just freshly home-baked. The ginger flavour was prominent and gave it a kick of flavour and the chocolate balanced it out with some sweetness. These are definitely the best cookies I’ve had from a store and I would highly recommend them.

Fresh is Best Tortilla Chips

I’ve had the Fresh is Best tortilla chips before and they are a good. The chips are thin and have a good crunch to them. If only this box came with a bowl of fresh guacamole to go with them.

Rumble Energy Drink

The rumble energy drink is a high quality protein drink that provides a natural boost of energy. I don’t care for protein drinks, so I gave it to my brother and he liked it. He said it was very chocolately and it tasted better than other protein drinks he has had.

Monkey Butter - Salted Caramel

The Monkey Butter salted caramel peanut butter had a more subtle flavour than expected. The caramel flavour tasted like real caramel, but it was quite mild.

Hardbite Potato Chips

Hardbite potato chips are kettle cooked in small batches using all natural ingredients in Maple Ridge (I live in Maple Ridge and I never knew this).

The flavour I had was the rock salt and vinegar. I love salt and vinegar chips and I love kettle chips, so needless to say, I loved these chips. They had a good crunch to them and a good balance of tangy and salty flavours. I just wish the bag was bigger!

Granola Girl

There was a tiny sample of Granola Girl in the box. I’ve actually bought a full-sized bag of this before and I like it. It is vegan and it has yummy ingredients in it like hemp hearts, goji berries, and nuts. It has a good amount of sweetness to it too and I like to put some on top of vanilla yogurt for breakfast in the morning.

Urge Chocolate

The Urge Chocolates bar came in oranji flavour, which is orange flavoured dark chocolate with goji berries.

This chocolate bar is unlike any other dark chocolate bar I’ve had. I enjoy the flavour of dark chocolate, but often the texture is dry and chalky. This chocolate is so smooth and it melts on your tongue just like milk chocolate, which is something I always miss when I eat dark chocolate. The orange flavour is strong and goes well with the dark chocolate.

This chocolate is so good I’m planning a shopping trip to stock up on them and make an emergency chocolate stash.

Chocolate Sweet and Salty Pretzel Snack Mix

The Cocolico sweet and salty pretzel snack mix was another good item. I hate regular pretzels, but these are so much more than regular pretzels. Other nuts are mixed in with the pretzels, which makes it more interesting to eat and everything is covered in salted butter caramel sauce and spices.

These aren’t actually overly sweet. You just get hints of sweetness balanced out by salty flavours and hints of cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

Powerplant Fruit Bar

The Powerplant fruit bar was an interesting item. It is a raw fruit bar that looks like a chocolate granola bar, but tastes more like an energy bar. I’m not crazy about energy bars, so this wasn’t my favourite item. When I first took a bite I thought it was pretty good, but it left an after taste in my mouth that I didn’t enjoy.

Organic Lives Chocolate Macaroons

The Organic Lives chocolate macaroons are vegan and gluten-free. These little macaroons blew my mind and I can safely say they are the best macaroons I have ever had. I originally intended to just have one and then sample some of the other items in the box, but after one bite I had to eat them all.

They were so dense and moist and they had a slightly crunchy texture from the coconut. They had a rich chocolate flavour that was dark, but not overly bitter, that is rarely present in vegan desserts. Even if you have no dietary restrictions, I think you will love these little guys.

Skeet and Ike's Trail Mix

The Skeet & Ike’s trail mix was the only item I wasn’t crazy about. It was made up of a mix of dried fruit and nuts. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad, but trail mix just doesn’t excite me and never seems worth eating.

Hippie Foods Coconut Chips

The Hippie Snacks coconut chips are one of my new favourite snacks. They make them by slicing up fresh young coconut and then roasting them. The result is a thin and crunchy delicious piece of coconut. This is the type of snack that you just can’t stop eating and if you need something crunchy and satisfying, they are healthier than chips.

This has been my favourite Snackbox to date. Erin Ireland has great taste in snacks! I’m glad I got the opportunity to try it because it has introduced me to some new items that I think are going to become regular snacks for me, like the chocolate macaroons and urge chocolate bars. If you ever wanted to try Snackbox, I would highly recommend ordering this one.

If you would like to try Snackbox you can use the code “FOODQUEEN” to get 50% off of your first box. This code is valid until August 31, 2013.


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