Ghirardelli is a chocolate company that originated in San Francisco. They have stores all over the city that sell chocolates and their soda fountain ice cream creations.

The hotel we were staying at actually had a Ghirardelli right inside of it, so I came here with my Mom for some late night dessert. They have a new line of dairy free lemon sorbet desserts. I thought I would give one of them a try because I am lactose intolerant and ice cream kills me.

Lemon Sorbet Sundae

I had a lemon sorbet sundae that was topped with pineapple, crystallized ginger, and almonds. When they called my order I noticed their was no pineapple on it. We asked the girl about it and she said that the sundae doesn’t come pineapple on it. For a minute I thought I was crazy and I looked at the menu again. There is only one sorbet sundae on it and it definitely comes with pineapple, so I had to go up to the counter and complain and get a bowl of pineapple to put on it. The weird and sloppy service took away from the whole experience.

While all of the elements of the sundae sounded good, it didn’t come together well. The lemon sorbet was too tart and the pineapple was overly sweet. I wish they used real pineapple chunks, but it was like an overly processed, sugary sauce. There was also too much crystallized ginger on the whole thing, which completely dominated the flavour in every bite.

I didn’t like this sundae and I ended up leaving half of it untouched, which is unheard of for a dessert fiend like me. Each element of this sundae was just too overwhelming and left a weird taste in your mouth. Guess that’s what I get for not getting chocolate at Ghirardelli. Lesson learned.


No, their service and their sorbet sundae sucks.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop on Urbanspoon


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