Mosaic Summer Tasting Menu

Last week I went to Mosaic with a group of bloggers to sample their new summer tasting menu. Dinners at Mosaic are always fun because the food is excellent and beautiful and Chef Heinrich is so nice and passionate about the food.


Dinners always start off with complimentary scones. These scones are very good and I was sad I couldn’t eat more of them, but I wanted to save stomach space for the upcoming meal. They are light, flakey, and buttery, and the butter that comes with them has a smokey salty flavour.

Mosaic Martini

I had a Mosaic martini, which was made with Absolut raspberry vodka, Absolut mandarin vodka, Grey Goose la poire vodka, and cranberry juice.

The combination of raspberry, mandarin, pear, and cranberries flavours gave the drink a sweet fruity flavour with hints of tart after taste. This is a good Summer drink if you like fruit cocktails.

Skuna Bay King Salmon

Our first appetizer was a piece of skuna bay king salmon on top of a brine, squid ink, and olive tapenade topped with lemon lime caviar with a piece of ice plant.

The salmon tasted very fresh and I thought the lemon lime caviar went wonderfully with it. It gave the dish a little pop of citrus flavour. The ice plant had a crazy texture. It was spongy and crunchy at the same time.

Tomato Salad

The next appetizer was Mosaic’s take on a caprese salad. It was made with a few different types of tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, balsamic reduction, and basil fluid gel.

I dislike eating raw tomatoes, so I was surprised that I enjoyed this dish and ate all of it. The tomatoes were sous vide quickly so they had a soft texture. The little yellow/green tomatoes were my favourites and I could have eaten a whole plate of them. The balsamic reduction and the basil gel both had strong concentrated flavours that kicked up the flavour of the whole dish.

Avocado Mousse and Crab Cannelloni

The avocado mousse and crab cannelloni was one of my favourite dishes. We were all given tasting size personal plates and then a full-sized model to take pictures of (photo above). I liked my taster so much I ate half of the full size one.

The avocado mousse was light and creamy and the perfect bed for the crab. On the bottom of the mousse was a crouton crust that added a nice crunchy contrasting texture. The fresh crab tasted sweet and delicious.

Seared Scallops

The seared scallops were another excellent dish. The scallops were meaty and cooked to perfection. These were some of the best scallops I’ve had.

The fire roasted green pepper coulis added a bit of spice to the dish and the sweet corn and roasted tomato succotash added sweetness. All the flavours were nicely balanced.

Long Line Caught Ling Cod

Our first entrée was the long line caught ling cod, which was pan seared and served with baby bell peppers and a tomato nage. I’m not crazy about strong pepper flavours and that is the flavour that dominated the dish. I also found my fish to be a bit too dry for my personal taste.

Slow Cooked Lamb Tenderloin

The other entrée we had was the slow cooked lamb tenderloin served on pomme puree and mustard greens. This lamb was amazing. Lamb can be so hit and miss, but this was a high quality cut of meat that was cooked well and had excellent flavour.


Alongside the lamb we shared a cassoulet made with heirloom runner beans, oyama sausage, duck confit, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and duck jus.

This was a very rich and indulgent tasting dish. You could really pick up the fatty delicious flavour of the duck. I was so full by this point that I only had a bite of this, but I wish I had room for more.

Creme Brûlée

There were three different desserts served to the table. The creme brûlée that was served with macarons and blackberries.

Here’s my take on creme brûlée. It’s never going to taste bad, but it’s never going to be great. It is what it is and it just doesn’t ever blow me away.

Ricotta Cheesecake

The ricotta cheesecake was served with mango and strawberry sauce and fresh strawberries.

This cake was very good and the ricotta gave it a special element that made it better than regular cheesecake. It had a lighter fluffier texture and a cheesier flavour. The mango and the strawberry sauce were great pairings.

Signature Chocolate Cake

Lastly we had their signature chocolate cake. If you have never been to Mosaic this is a must order item. It is worth it to come here just for this cake because it is the best chocolate cake I have eaten.

Chocolate cake normally doesn’t do it for me and it can be dry and actually lacking in chocolate flavour, but this cake has none of those problems. It is super moist and it has a very rich chocolate flavour. It’s not overwhelmingly sweet and rich though, it just has a very pure intense chocolate flavour.

Like always, I had a great time eating at Mosaic with all my foodie friends. The presentation of the food here is so pretty and they use great seasonal ingredients. The service here is also excellent

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.


Yes, for a great Summer menu.

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