The Richmond Night Market Part II

I’ve visited both night markets in Richmond already this Summer, but I recently came back to the Richmond Night Market for more greasy eats.

Icy Bar

Most of the reason I came here is to get a dessert from Icy Bar. At this location, they have a couple of stands that sell the shaved ice desserts.

strawberry and mango tapioca icy

I went with the strawberry and mango tapioca icy. This is one of my favourite desserts ever. It is made with fresh strawberries and mango, shaved ice, coconut milk, condensed milk, and tapioca pearls.

It is sweet and fruity and refreshing and cool all at the same time. I love the addition of the chewy little tapioca pearls.

strawberry and mango icy

If you want something a bit more creamy, the strawberry and mango icy is made with a bed of shaved ice and is topped with fresh mangos, strawberries, and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. I like it when the ice cream starts to melt and gets soaked up by all the ice.

Fries Covered Corndog

As I was walking around I saw a stand selling a fries covered corn dog. I love corn dogs and I like weird and crazy food concoctions so I had to try it.

Fries Covered Corn Dog

They deep-fried the corn dog fresh when I ordered it so it came out piping hot and smothered in ketchup. I really liked the concept of this and the outside batter was good, although I think they rolled it in hash browns and not fries (but I love hash browns too). It tasted like it was coated in a layer of soft mashed potatoes with a crispy outside.

I had an issue with the hot dog they used to make it though. It was one of the super cheap, thin, lean hot dogs you would find at Ikea or a kid’s birthday party. It had zero flavour. I would gladly pay an extra dollar to get a better quality hot dog that has some fat, substance, and flavour to it. This was a cool idea, but not the best execution.

Saucy Pops

The people at Saucy Pops contacted me and gave me some of their saucy pops to try. They make deep-fried chicken wonton lollipops with different sauces on them.

Saucy Pops

The saucy pops were actually pretty big and filling. It takes a couple of bites to eat these things and it will fulfill a craving for greasy food.

They have four different sauces available to try; wasabi aioli, citrus chili aioli, korean spicy aioli, and honey mustard aioli. The Korean spicy was definitely my favourite followed by the wasabi. Spicy sauces make everything taste delicious.

QQ Egg Puff

I had to get my obligatory bubble waffles that I get every time I go to the night market. I always go to the QQ Egg Puff stand because they have more flavours than the other stand at this location.

Coconut Bubble Waffle

The coconut bubble waffle is my favourite. It is sweet, crispy, and very delicious.

The Night Market is always fun times and it gives you something to do on nice Summer evenings. I like to try a couple of new things every time I go, but I always have to get my favourites (bubble waffles and mango icy).

If you want to read about more night market eats read my others reviews for the Richmond Night Market and the Summer Night Market.


Yes, for fun, greasy, food.

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