Strike: Signature Dishes Tour #10

After many months of hiatus, this past week we resumed our signature dishes tour with Chinese Bites. This year, we are branching out from just Chinese food to all different types of Asian cuisine. Our first meal of the year was at Strike, a Taiwanese restaurant in Kitsilano. I love Taiwanese food and having dinner with the Chinese Bites family is always a good time, so I was excited.

Since there were so many dishes, I’ll try to keep my descriptions short, so it doesn’t take you an hour to read my review. All of the food here was pretty good, but I did have some clear favourites.

Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets

The deep fried chicken nuggets were one of my favourites of the night. The pieces of chicken were large and juicy and the batter had a salty flavour and a nice crunch to it. I would highly recommend getting these if you come here because Taiwanese chicken nuggets are the best kind of chicken nuggets.

Deep Fried Pork Chop

The deep fried pork chop was good, but I liked the chicken more. The coating on this had a pretty similar flavour to the nuggets, so if you just wanted one deep fried item, I would go with the nuggets..

Strike Special BBQ Chicken

The STRIKE special BBQ chicken wasn’t that exciting. It wasn’t bad, just very plain. I’m all about sauce, so this isn’t a dish I would personally order.

Strike Special Yam Fries

I wasn’t expecting to see yam fries on the menu, but we all enjoyed snacking on them. They were crispy and had a few extra spices in them compared to regular yam fries.

Five Spice Beef Wrap

Beef pancake wraps are one of my favourite snacks. I liked how there was a lot of sauce inside of these wraps, so they were moist and you really picked up the five spice flavour. The pancake wrap was on the softer side, which I didn’t mind, but if you prefer them more crispy you might not like these. These were a bit messy to eat though and my wrap kept falling apart on me.

Wonton in Chili Oil Sauce

I always enjoy wontons with chili oil sauce because I love anything with chili sauce on it. These wontons were a good size and were filled with tender, flavourful meat.

House Special Beef Noodle Soup

The house special beef noodle soup was okay, but not the best I’ve had. I felt like the broth could have had a more rich and aromatic flavour.

Taiwanese Style Cold Noodle

I liked the Taiwanese cold noodles because they were refreshing and not too heavy. They were topped with a yummy peanut sauce and sliced cold cucumber and carrot. This would be a good item to get in the summer when it is too hot for noodle soups.

Taiwanese Style Cold Noodle

I was told this dish was called “Taiwanese style cold noodle”, but it was made with rice, so I’m not sure if that is the proper name.  It kind of reminded me of a Taiwanese take on bibimbap. I liked the other cold noodle dish (with actual noodles), better though, so I don’t think I would order this one.

Strike Thai Style Chicken

The STRIKE Thai style chicken is covered in a batter and deep fried with sauce on it. The sauce tasted like a sweet chili sauce. This dish actually reminded me of the McDonald’s sweet chili wrap, which isn’t necessarily an insult because I’m addicted to those things.

Taiwanese Style Chicken Steak with Black Pepper Sauce

We were served both a Taiwanese style chicken steak with black pepper sauce and another dish that was the same, but with steak. These sizzling plates are one of their specialties and come complete with noodles and vegetables.

I have had a bad experience with some gross black pepper sauce at a bad Chinese restaurant that has turned me off the sauce for a long time, so I was apprehensive about trying it. I’m happy to say that I’ve been converted back to liking black pepper sauce after this dish. The sauce was really good and flavourful and it had a good consistency.

Both the chicken and the steak plate were good, but I liked the chicken a bit more because the meat was so tender and juicy.

Stewed Tofu with Garlic Sauce

I was surprised by how much I liked the stewed tofu with garlic sauce. Tofu doesn’t normally excite me, but this garlic sauce was so good and the tofu was the perfect thing to soak it all up. The tofu also had a good texture to it; it wasn’t too firm or too soft.

Mango Green Tea with Pearls

Strike doesn’t emphasize their bubble tea drinks and they have a pretty basic menu of just green/black teas and milk teas. My mango green tea was simple and sweet, but nothing special. This is a good drink to wash down food with, but definitely don’t make a trip here for bubble tea because you can find better drinks and more extensive options at other bubble tea places.

I had a fun time at Strike and the food was great. I would highly recommend the chicken nuggets and the sizzling plates. I do wish they had a more extensive line of bubble teas, but the owner mentioned that they plan to expand their kitchen sometime in the near future.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.


Yes, for yummy Taiwanese food.

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