The Reef Runner

The Reef Runner is one of the newer food trucks in Vancouver located at Thurlow and Cordova Street. They also have a couple of restaurants around town (The Reef) and they specialize in Caribbean food.

I came here for lunch with my Dad because I always love trying new street food, especially when it is something uncommon around Vancouver, like Caribbean cuisine.

Ginger Beer

They have a special ginger beer drink that they make themselves. I love all things ginger, so I had to get it.

The ginger flavour is definitely noticeable, but it isn’t over powering. There were also some hints of citrusy lime flavours in it. This was a refreshing drink and good to help cool your mouth down from all the spicy Caribbean flavours.

Chicken Curry Roti

The chicken curry roti was excellent. The chicken curry inside was a bit spicy, but nothing crazy. There were large chunks of tender chicken and potatoes that filled the roti and it ended up being pretty filling.

The roti was also great. It got a bit crisp on the outside, but it was still chewy and thin and pulled apart easily.

Jerk Chicken Poutine

There was a bit of a mix up with our order. My dad ordered the jerk chicken roti and we ordered the jerk poutine to share (with no chicken). They gave us a jerk chicken poutine instead and my Dad just the regular curry roti.

The poutine was massive. I would recommend ordering this to share or your stomach might die. The best part of this poutine is the gravy. I enjoyed the jerk spices that they put in it and it packs some heat.

Unless you are eating it as a meal to yourself, I don’t think you really need to add chicken to the poutine. It doesn’t add that much more flavour, because it is all in the gravy.

The roti here is excellent and I would return to get it again. The poutine was good and I’m glad I tried it, but it isn’t something that would make me come back for more. The food here is a bit pricy, but it is full of flavour and filling.


Yes, for a good roti.

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