Dishcrawl West End

Last week I attended my first Dishcrawl event that took place in the West End. Dishcrawl is an event where you attend four restaurants in one evening to sample some of their signature dishes. The restaurants are kept a secret until you attend the event so there is an element of mystery to it.

Ap Gu Jung

The first stop was at Ap Gu Jung, which is a Korean restaurant. They gave us a massive portion of food. This plate would have been enough for a meal on its own.

I liked the kimchi pancake, the seafood pancake, and the spicy pork the best. Both of the pancakes had a nice crisp texture and they were filled with lots of yummy stuff. The spicy pork had a good amount of kick to it and the sauce it was in was great. I would come back and order these items.

I thought the BBQ beef dish was a bit boring. It didn’t have tons of flavour and the meat was on the dry side. The chicken skewer was my least favourite item. It seemed to be thrown together at the last-minute. The chicken was cold and I swear they used bulls eye BBQ sauce on it.

White Sesame Ramen

The second stop on the tour was at Hida Takayama, which is a little ramen place hidden away in the upper level of a mall food court. I had never heard of this place before Dishcrawl, but I ended up enjoying it. They make their own ramen noodles at the shop and they have a great texture and flavour. They were generous with the portion of pork in each bowl, but the pork was on the lean side. It was good, but I prefer fattier pork.

The white sesame ramen had a very thick broth and it had a strong nutty flavour from the sesame.

Sweet and Spicy Ramen

The sweet and spicy ramen had a really unique flavour that I enjoyed. I’ve never had ramen broth like this and it was pretty delicious. I would come back and order this dish.

Hida Chuka Ramen

The other ramen we had was the salt ramen. The broth was very simple and had a mild salty chicken flavour. I enjoyed the delicate flavour and this is a good option if you want a less heavy ramen.


The third stop on the tour was Forage, which is a nice restaurant that focuses on sustainable and local food. The first item we had was a flatbread that was topped with pancetta, morel mushrooms, onion bechamel, and blue cheese.

The actual flatbread was crispy, thin, and chewy. All of the toppings were pretty rich and the whole thing had a cheesy, creamy flavour to it.

Nettle Gnocchi

The nettle gnocchi was in a brown butter sauce and topped with herbs and parmesan cheese. This dish is also very rich and heavy. The gnocchi had a strong potato flavour, which I enjoyed, but I think the texture could have been slightly more chewy and bouncy.

Foraged Mushrooms and Goat Cheese with Bread

The foraged mushrooms and goat cheese was served with some slices of bread. I enjoyed the simplicity of this dish. The mushrooms were excellent and the goat cheese was a perfect pairing.

Chocolate Fondue

The last stop of the tour was at Capstone for dessert. We all got a personal size chocolate fondue. I loved how cute the little pot was. The chocolate was smooth and creamy.


We each got an assortment of things to dip into the fondue. There was some fruit, banana bread, macarons, ice cream, and cheesecake. I liked how they gave us a bit of everything to try. My favourite thing for chocolate fondue is fruit because I think it balances out the chocolate.

I actually enjoyed myself more than I thought I would on the Dishcrawl. It is fun if you go with friends and you can just hang out the whole time and you don’t have to worry about figuring out what you are going to order or where you are going to go. If you are a picky eater, or you enjoy finding your own restaurants, then this tour may not be for you.

Disclosure: I was given a complimentary ticket.


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