Dinesty is a Chinese restaurant that has recently opened up a second location in the West End on Robson street. The original location is in Richmond and they specialize in a lot of Shanghainese and Taiwanese style dishes.

The inside of the restaurant is casual, but modern. I’ve visited Dinesty a couple of times recently and this post is a compilation of those visits.

Steamed Pork Dumplings

The steamed pork dumplings are one of their signature items that they are known for. These are a must order when you dine here!

The dumpling wrapper itself is delicate and had a great consistency that isn’t too sticky or thick. Inside the dumpling is a perfect mouthful of pork and delicious pork juices. I could eat these all day.

Marinated Beef With Soy Sauce Wrapped in Pancake

The marinated beef with soy sauce wrapped in pancake is a good dish if you want something small to share.

The pancake is slightly crisp, although, I would prefer it if it was a bit more crisp. The inside is filled with green onion, cucumber, and tender savoury slices of beef.

Shanghai Fried Noodles

The Shanghai fried noodles here are very good. You can choose if you want pork or chicken and this time we had chicken. The texture of the noodles are great and I find them flavourful, without being too oily and heavy.

Shredded Pork with Hoi Sin Sauce and Pancakes

One of my favourite Shanghainese dishes is shredded pork in hoi sin sauce with pancakes. I love being able to make little bite sized wraps. The pork here was crispy, shredded thin, and coated in a savoury sauce. The pancakes are small and thin. This is a good appetizer dish to share because everyone can try some without getting super full.

Simmer Chicken with Basil and Three Spice

The boneless simmer chicken with basil and three spice was a surprise favourite. I didn’t expect it to be this delicious.

You can choose if you want boneless or not (you pay extra for boneless, but it is good for lazy people like myself). The chicken was very moist and coated in a delicious sauce that was both sweet and savoury. The basil adds an extra fresh, herbaceous flavour to the dish.

Pork Potstickers

The pork pot stickers look different from most other places because they are so long and skinny. This is a good technique though, because it lets more of the wrapper get crisp on the bottom.

We all loved these pot stickers because they were super crispy. These are definitely a step up from your average pot stickers.

Chicken Fried Rice

The chicken fried rice here is a solid dish if you want some filling carbs. The rice was light and had moisture and large meaty chunks of chicken in it.

Sweet and Sour Spareribs

The sweet and sour spare ribs tasted delicious, but they were pretty hard to eat. I kept getting sticky sauce everywhere. The sweet and sour sauce was good. It wasn’t too sticky and cornstarchy and it was more heavy on the tangy flavour than sweet.

Stir Fried Shanghai Rice Cake with Chicken

The stir fried Shanghai rice cakes with chicken was another hit with the table. I was so proud of my white family for loving these!

Rice cakes are such a comforting dish. I love how chewy and filling they are. I especially liked them in the Shanghai sauce with spinach. This is another dish I would definitely recommend trying.

Fried Noodles with Beef in Satay Sauce

The fried noodles with beef in satay sauce were good, but I prefer the Shanghai style noodles more. These noodles were a bit more thin and soft and less chewy. The sauce on these was also pretty light, but you could pick up peanut flavours.

Every time I’ve been to Dinesty I’ve had a great experience. The food here is delicious and good quality. Even the dishes that weren’t my favourite were still good. The best part about Dinesty is that the food is reasonably priced and the atmosphere is nice. It is just an all around win for good eats.


Yes, for delicious Chinese food.

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