Garden View Tea Room

The Garden View Tea Room is located inside of Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel. They serve a traditional afternoon tea service and making reservations in advance is highly recommended. The tea room isn’t large, but it is bright and airy.

Their menu consists of a few different tea sets. Some of the more expensive ones come with champagne, but my Mom and I both just got the basic Buckingham Palace tea that comes with tea, sandwiches, scones, and desserts ($23).

Organic Lychee Green Tea

The organic lychee green tea had a fruity, floral, fragrance and a slightly tart taste.

They also give you this cute tea cozy that keeps your teapot very warm the whole time you are seated.

Tea Sandwiches

You are given an assortment of savoury sandwiches that include: chicken curry, cucumber, egg salad, salmon, gorgonzola pear, and an onion tart.

I enjoyed all of the sandwiches, but my clear favourite was the gorgonzola pear. It had a strong cheese flavour with a hint of sweetness and a bit of crunch from the pear.

scone and jam tart

Next up is the scone and jam tart, which comes with devonshire cream and your choice of lemon curd or jam. I would suggest getting the lemon curd because it is delicious and you already get a jam tart.

The scone was buttery and filled with golden raisins. It had a great texture and it wasn’t too dry.

The jam tart was a bit boring. It is literally just jam in a tart shell. I saved half of my devonshire cream and lemon curd and spread it on top of the tart, which made it much better. Devonshire cream and lemon curd will make anything better.


Lastly the tea set comes with your choice of two pastries. Your server will bring out a plate of them and you can select which ones you want.

I was excited when I saw the swan cream puff. It is such a pretty dessert. When we went they had a vanilla bean and a mango flavoured one. I got the mango and I loved it. The mango custard was sweet and fruity and it went well with the pastry dough.

I have an obsession with chocolate covered strawberries. I know they are pretty basic, but I just go crazy for them, so I enjoyed the one here. The strawberry was large and ripe and they put a pretty drizzle of chocolate on it.

Lastly I had a chocolate cannoli. This was good, but not outstanding. I liked the other desserts better.

I really love the whole experience of afternoon tea, so needless to say, I enjoyed the Garden View Tea Room. Even though everything is tiny, you get lots of food, so I was stuffed by the end. It also has a nice, relaxing atmosphere so it provides an opportunity to get away from all the chaos of the parks.


Yes, for a lovely tea service.


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