Sanaa is a restaurant that makes African/Indian fusion meals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort. The inside of the restaurant has a neat ambiance. It is bright and rustic and if you are seated near the windows you can look out onto the resort’s savannah and see zebras, gazelles, and giraffes just walking around!

I came here with my family for lunch because we had visited it previously for dinner and had a great experience.

All Natural Lemonade with Wild Berry Foam

I ordered an all natural lemonade with wild berry foam. This drink is available at multiple restaurants around Disney World. This drink is refreshing and both tart and sweet. I like the foam on top and you can mix it into the drink if you want a more evenly distributed flavour.


They have an appetizer here called Indian style bread service, where you can choose a selection of different naan breads, dips, and chutney to go with them. We just ordered the garlic naan and the regular naan and both were excellent. They had that light, fluffy texture that good naan should have.


Normally only three dips come with the bread service, but for a few extra dollars we got one of each of the dips. The dips range from mild to very spicy and they all taste very different. My personal favourites were the coriander chutney and the mango chutney.

Tandoori Chicken Naan Sandwich

The tandoori chicken naan sandwich is served open-faced, more like a flatbread. It comes on a piece of naan, with mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, tandoori chicken, and cucumber raita.

This sandwich was fresh and actually pretty filling. The chicken was tender and the cucumber raita added a creamy, rich, element to the dish. While this sandwich was good, I think I prefer more traditional Indian food more.

Chicken Chaat Bhatura

The chicken chaat bhatura comes with a mixture of chicken, carrots, and peas and a piece of fried naan.

I didn’t care for this dish. It wasn’t necessarily bad, I just found it to be very boring. The reason I love Indian food is because of the big flavours and spices used in their dishes, but this dish fell flat and there was nothing special about it.

Our lunch entrees were pretty mediocre, but the bread service and drinks were excellent. I’ve tried their curries on other occasions too and they were also very good, so I think we just ordered the wrong stuff this time. If you come here, get a bread service, a mango lassi, and a few curries to share and you will have a good experience.


Yes, for the bread service and drinks, but no for the lunch options.

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