Go Fish Ocean Emporium

Go Fish Ocean Emporium is located on False Creek a few minutes away from Granville Island. They are known for their fish and chips and seafood dishes. They are just a small stand located on the side of the dock and they have an outdoor deck with a few tables to sit at. Somehow being right on the dock just adds to the experience and makes you feel like you are getting the real deal.

I’ve wanted to visit Go Fish Ocean Emporium for a long time, but it is one of those places you have to set out specifically to go to. I came here with my friend Melissa on the weekend. We arrived a few minutes before they opened and several people were already waiting in line. If you want to avoid line ups get there 15 minutes before they open.

Cod and Chips

I had to try the fish and chips so we split two pieces of cod and chips ($12). There was actually another little half piece in the basket. I’m not sure why, but I’m not going to complain about more food!

Most fish and chips are pretty standard, but these were on another level. The key is in the batter, and here they use a Granville Island beer batter. It was very light and crispy and not too overpowering and greasy.

The cod inside was also fantastic. It was incredibly fresh, moist, and flakey. Honestly, it’s not worth paying an extra $7 for halibut here because this fish was great.

The sides were all equally well executed. The fries were very crispy and the coleslaw was tasty. The tartar sauce was extra flavourful and had an extra herb element to it.

Salmon Tacones

We also had two grilled salmon tacones ($10) that are filled with slaw, cilantro salsa, and chipotle crema.

The grilled salmon inside was equally as fresh and delicious as the cod. I liked how they grilled the flour tortillas a bit because it added a bit more smokey flavour.

The coleslaw added a nice, crunchy, texture. There were strong bursts of cilantro flavour and a hint of spice from the sauce.

I loved both of these dishes and I was so impressed with the freshness and quality of the food. These are the best fish and chips I’ve ever had and coming here is a quintessential Vancouver experience that both locals and tourists can enjoy.


Yes, for the best fish and chips in Vancouver.

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