Cactus Club Cafe Coal Harbour

Cactus Club Cafe has opened a new location in Coal Harbour at Canada Place. Most Cactus Clubs are pretty much the same, but this location is definitely a step up from the other locations. It is very open and airy inside with beautiful views of Coal Harbour and Stanley Park. They also have a retractable window that they will open in the Summer time for open air dining.

I came here with my Dad for lunch to try it out. They have a few menu items that are exclusive to this location.


We ordered the ceviche ($14), which is one of the exclusive items. It is made with steelhead salmon, prawns, red onions, Thai basil, mint, cilantro, and nuoc cham and is served with a side of chips. Ceviche is made with raw fish and it is mixed with citrus juices that “denature” the fish, which causes the fish to appear cooked.

This appetizer was delicious and one of the best items I’ve ever had from Cactus Club. The fish was incredibly moist and full of flavour from the marinade. All of the fresh herbs and spices gave punches of flavour that all worked together well. If you are a fan of seafood and sashimi type dishes, you will enjoy this. They should bring this item to all of their locations.

BBQ Duck Clubhouse

My Dad and I both ordered the BBQ duck clubhouse ($17.75). The sandwich is piled up with peking duck, roasted chicken, and prosciutto. It is a meat lovers dream.

The sandwich is served on pecan fruit bread that had a hint of sweetness to it and some crunchy texture from the pecans.

Both the duck and the chicken were juicy and not over cooked. The prosciutto was a firmer kind, it wasn’t super soft, and it added a salty flavour. The butter lettuce was also a nice touch and it went well with all of the meat.

While this sandwich is pricy, it does have a lot of meat on it and it is very filling and delicious.


The side of fries that came with the sandwich were good. They were served piping hot and fresh and that is the key to good fries. Other than that, they weren’t anything special, but they were good.

Everyone has an opinion about Cactus Club. Many people hate it, some love it, but this location is special and worth a visit. If you are going to go to Cactus Club, you should go here, because the ceviche is a must try. I think it would be a great tourist destination because it really showcases how pretty Vancouver is.


Yes, visit Coal Harbour for the best Cactus Club Cafe location.

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