Kona Island

Kona Island is a small sushi bar that is located in Disney’s Polynesian Resort. In the morning, it is a coffee bar, and after 5pm they switch to a sushi bar.

The ordering process here is very confusing. They have a separate menu for take out and for eating at the bar. I wanted to get some sushi to-go, but I had to sit at the bar and order it to go and they couldn’t take my order at the counter. It was all very weird and confusing and they definitely need a better system.

Kona Combo Plate

I ordered the Kona combo plate, which comes with a luau california roll, salmon sashimi, and tuna poke ($13.99). Many of the items on the menu are pretty expensive, but this combo plate is the best deal they have.

The luau California roll is made with jumbo lump crab, avocado, and pineapple. The roll tasted fresh and I liked the addition of the pineapple, but I wish that the pineapple had been a bit more ripe and flavourful.

The salmon sashimi was okay. It wasn’t cut in the best way and I’ve had fresher. I’m used to eating better salmon sashimi in Vancouver, so this item wasn’t great for me, but it was edible.

Lastly, the tuna poke was my favourite. Tuna poke is made with cut up tuna sashimi and it is mixed with a sauce and served with littler crackers or chips. Here they had wonton crisps, which I think was a good choice with the tuna. The tuna was in a spicy and creamy sauce and it was great. If I came back here, I think I would just get an order of that.

My experience here wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t bad, it was just a bit unorganized. Overall the food quality is decent, but I’m spoiled with incredible Vancouver sushi, so the only item that stood out to me was the tuna poke. There aren’t many sushi places on the Disney properties though, so it is fine if you just want to get your fix and you aren’t expecting the best sushi of your life.


Yes, for tuna poke, but no for sashimi.


Categories: $$ ($10-$15), Japanese, Orlando, Sushi


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