House of Tofu Soup

House of Tofu Soup is a Korean restaurant located on North Road that specializes in tofu soup. I have limited experiences with Korean cuisine, but I am trying to learn more about it and experience it more. I have never had tofu soup, and since this place is known for it, I decided to come here to try it.

The restaurant is a bit hard to find. I assumed it was in the big mall complex on North Road, but it is slightly further down the road. Be warned, it has a super small parking lot with only a couple of stalls. Luckily I came here at an awkward time in the late afternoon so the lot was empty.

Pork Tofu Soup

You can choose the type of meat you want in the soup and the level of spiciness. I ordered the pork tofu soup ($9.99) with regular spiciness.

When the soup came out it looked like a bubbling hot cauldron of deliciousness. The broth was very flavourful and definitely the best part of the dish. The medium level of spice had enjoyable flavour, but not burn your mouth heat. If you like it really spicy, you should get hot.

There was tons of soft tofu in the soup. I liked the texture of it because it was smooth and it almost melted in your mouth. The tofu actually made the soup pretty filling and it soaked up all of the lovely flavour from the broth.

The pork in the soup was thinly sliced, but got a bit overcooked from the hot broth. It was still edible though, just a bit tough.


The soup also comes with a bowl of rice. I poured some of the delicious broth over mine.

Like most Korean restaurants, the meal also came with complimentary banchan (I forgot to take pictures). There was a seaweed salad, mashed potatoes, kimchi, and some other pickle vegetables. I’m not crazy about banchan, mostly because I just don’t find eating cold vegetables on their own that exciting, but free food is free food right?

I have nothing to compare House of Tofu soup too, but I enjoyed the soup. It was hearty, comforting, and warmed your whole body up. This would be an excellent meal on a cold, rainy day.


Yes, for tasty tofu soup.

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2 Comments on “House of Tofu Soup”

  1. Emily
    May 17, 2013 at 8:58 pm #

    Btw there’s underground parking as well. Right after the tiny one.

    • May 18, 2013 at 9:35 am #

      Thanks for the tip Emily. I was wondering what would happen there if the restaurant was full.

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