Foodee’s April Snackbox

Foodee sent me another one of their Snackboxes from the month of April. They have made a few small changes to the boxes since the previous months. In the new boxes, you will find more information about the products in the boxes and the brands supplying the boxes. Since my last experience with the Snackbox was great, I was excited to see what this box had in store for me.


GROK is an Italian oven baked snack made with grana padano cheese. These exceeded my expectations and were pretty delicious. They were nice and crunchy and they had a strong cheesy flavour. And not a processed cheesy flavour, a real sharp one. The bag of them is pretty small, but it would be a great way to satisfy a cheese craving in a healthy, well portioned way.

Sea Snax

Sea Snax are a premium roasted seaweed snack. The ones that came in the snack box were chipotle flavoured, but the company also sells other flavours.

The seaweed comes in little, thin dry sheets and there were about 10 of them in the pack. I was a bit skeptical about this snack because I like seaweed in sushi and other dishes, but eating it on its own doesn’t seem that exciting. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious these were though. The chipotle flavour really kicked everything up a notch and it had a decent amount of spice to it. After eating a bag of these I can agree with their slogan that these are strangely addicting!

Mellifera Bees Lemon Infused Honey

The box contained a bottle of Mellifera Bees lemon infused honey. Mellifera Bees makes hand crafted organic honey harvested from hives around the Lower Mainland.

The lemon was very mild, it added just a hint of flavour. The texture of this honey is very smooth and slightly more liquid than regular honey from the grocery store. This honey is a lovely addition to some yogurt or on some toast with peanut butter (one of my favourite lazy snacks).

Kale Krunch

There was a package of Alive and Radiant Kale Krunch in the box. The flavour that came was “quite cheezy”, but these snacks actually don’t contain any dairy or cheese. After eating those GROK cheese snacks, these didn’t seem too cheesy to me, but I still enjoyed them. They were flavourful and ultra crunchy and if you are a fan of kale chips, you will like these.

Kettle Corn Popcorn

I love kettlecorn because I love sweet and salty combinations. This bag of kettlecorn is from Popcorn Indiana and it is a pretty satisfying snack. The popcorn still tasted fresh from the bag and it wasn’t soggy or stale.

Beta 5 Dark Chocolate

The beta 5 dark chocolate bar was one of my favourite items in the box. I was happy to see that it was dairy free. Despite being dairy free, it still had a nice smooth texture that easily melted in your mouth. It also wasn’t overly bitter like some dark chocolate is and it was pleasant to eat.

Martin's Marvelous Natural Crisps

Martin’s Marvelous Crisps are crackers that are gluten-free, and nut-free. But unfortunately for vegans and lactose intolerant people, they are made with buttermilk. The rosemary lavender flavour was nice and would go well with a goat cheese spread or with sweet toppings.

Hiro Asian Sesame Glazed Almonds

The Hiro Asian sesame glazed almonds were also a good snack. I prefer savory flavoured almonds to sweet ones, so I especially liked this flavour. The almonds are salty and have hints of soy and sesame flavour. They also have a good crunch to them.

SIP Rosemary Lime Soda

SIP makes natural craft sodas with interesting flavours. I had a rosemary lime soda. This is a really light and refreshing drink. The rosemary flavour is delicate and mild, while the lime really stands out.

Snackbox by Foodee is a great way to try new things and discover new snacks. Many of these things I wouldn’t have noticed at the grocery store, but I’m glad that I tried them and some of them are new favourite snacks of mine. If you are looking for healthier options or if you have dietary restrictions, the boxes have lots of options and they aren’t filled with greasy, processed stuff.

Foodee has extended my discount code offer, so if you would like to try a snackbox use the coupon code: FOODQUEEN to get 50% off of your first box. The code is valid until May 31, 2013. You can cancel your subscription anytime so it is definitely worth a try!

Disclosure: I did not pay for the Snackbox.


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