Artist Point

Artist Point is an upscale Pacific Northwest themed restaurant located inside of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Hotel. The menu is always changing and updating with seasonal specials.

My family came here for my parent’s anniversary dinner and for our one fancy meal of the trip. The dining room is bright and airy and comfortable even though the food is pricy.

Silvan Ridge Muscat Semi-Sparkling

I had a glass of the Silvan Ridge Muscat semi-sparkling wine ($11). I don’t mind wine, I just don’t go crazy for it, but this was amazing. It was a sweet, light, wine that was very easy to drink. I’ve never had a semi-sparkling wine before, but I really enjoyed it. It had the perfect amount of bubbles. I think I’ve been converted to a semi-sparkling wine person (as long as someone else is paying).

Confit Natural Bacon

For an appetizer I ordered the confit natural bacon ($14). This dish comes with a beautiful slab of thick pork belly topped with a sunny-side up quail egg and drizzled with a blood orange glaze.

The pork belly was fatty, indulgent, and totally delicious. The sunny side up egg was the perfect pairing. It was like a fancy version of bacon and eggs. The blood orange glaze added a slightly sweet and tangy citrus flavour that brought everything together. This was an excellent appetizer.

Crusted Big Eye Tuna

For my main I got the crusted big eye tuna ($37) served on a bed of stir fried noodles, baby bok choy, pea pods, shiitake mushrooms and slices of red chili peppers.

The tuna was prepared medium rare and crusted with a panko breading. It was smooth to cut through with a nice bit of crunch from the crust. The portion size of the tuna was large (there is another large piece behind the one in the picture).

The noodles were cooked nicely and were a filling side. All of the vegetables went great with the tuna and I especially enjoyed the red chili pepper slices because it added heat to the dish.

I had a great experience at Artist Point and everything I ordered was nicely plated and had great flavour. I think the food is a good reflection of the flavours and ingredients of the Pacific Northwest. My parents had a few issues with their steaks being overcooked, but the servers were nice about it and promptly dealt with the issues. Regardless of those issues, it was still a pleasant dining experience.


Yes, for a nice dinner in Disney World.

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Categories: $$$$ (greater than $25), Orlando, Seafood, Western


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