HealthFare Restaurant

HealthFare is a new restaurant located on Marine Way in the Market Crossing complex in Burnaby. HealthFare originated in Edmonton and this is the first location to come to BC.

HealthFare serves healthy, quick style food and they take pride in the fact that everything on the menu is guilt free and a healthy choice. All of the menu items are also affordable and under $10. All of the calorie counts are displayed by each menu item and they offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free items as well. The food is all prepared when you order it and the soups, baked goods and bread are all prepared daily.

I was recently invited here to check out the store and try some of their menu items. The store has a bright, clean design and a few tables to eat at. The owners are very friendly and passionate about the store. They are also very knowledgable about all of their products and happily answer any questions.

The charred med veg sandwich comes filled with a mixture of  zucchini, peppers, eggplant, and red onion that are tossed in a balsamic glaze and roasted. The roasted vegetables are flavourful and add a satisfying texture and substance so you barely notice that there’s no meat in the sandwich.

The sandwich is also filled with mixed field greens, tomatoes, and herb goat cheese. I always like to see mixed greens on a sandwich instead of just lettuce. The goat cheese added an indulgent creamy element to the sandwich and it went well with all of the roasted vegetables.

The blueberry pear smoothie had a nice thick texture. HealthFare doesn’t add any additional sugar to the smoothies, they are sweetened only with the fruit they use. I was surprised to find that out because the smoothie was sweet and had a strong blueberry flavour. This was a great refreshing smoothie.

The roasted ruby beet salad is made with roasted beets that are lightly tossed in a balsamic glaze and topped with walnuts, green onions, and goat cheese. I’m not actually a big fan of beets, but surprisingly I enjoyed this salad. Sometimes I find beets taste too much like dirt, but these were mild and slightly sweet with an earthy aftertaste.

I enjoyed the contrasting texture of the crunchy walnuts and  goat cheese. This was a light and flavourful salad.

HealthFare sells frozen yogurt where you can choose one or two types of fruit and they blend them up with low-fat yogurt. I chose pineapple mango and they were a great combo. It was slightly tart and sweet.

The baked sweet potato wedges came with a side of low-fat garlic and dill dip. I love baked sweet potatoes and I like how they offer them here as a side. It is nice to have a healthy warm side option since many places just had cold salads. The inside was perfectly soft and sweet and the outside got a bit of a crisp texture.

The chicken, peanut, and lime rice bowl was made with tender marinated chicken breast and stir fried vegetables that are tossed in a peanut sauce and served over whole grain brown rice.

I actually enjoy brown rice even more than white rice sometimes because I find it much heartier and filling. The peanut sauce was tasty and went well with everything.

The go green curry rice bowl is made with marinated chicken breast and stir fried vegetables in a spicy Thai green curry sauce served over whole grain brown rice.

This was my favourite dish of the day. This sauce delicious and a bit spicy. This is something I would come back and order.

The bakker rice bowl is made with roasted chicken breast, whole grain brown rice and fresh garden vegetables all tossed in a light ranch dressing. This rice bowl is actually served chilled, which added an interesting and pleasant element to the dish. The flavours actually reminded me a bit of a Greek salad, but the rice makes it much more filling.

I liked how the ranch dressing wasn’t too heavy. It just added a cool, creamy element to the dish without being too rich. The rice bowl is also topped with feta and cherry tomatoes. This is a unique option and something that is different from an average rice bowl or salad.

I was pretty stuffed by this point, but they gave me a cookie, roasted almonds, and a bar to take home. All of their baked goods are baked fresh daily and like everything else there they have a healthy twist.

The cookie is sweetened with mashed up bananas and dark chocolate and it was a nice treat.

The roasted almonds are glazed with a hint of maple syrup, cinnamon, and salt, so they will satisfy a sweet and salty craving.

I had a pleasant experience at HealthFare. The food all tasted good and had flavour, which is vital for healthy food, otherwise you feel unsatisfied. There are lots of options to choose from and it is nice to see healthy options expand beyond boring salads. I respect their dedication to quality and freshness and places like this give people options when they are busy and need a quick meal.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.


Yes, for good healthy food.

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