Matchstick Coffee

Matchstick Coffee is a small locally run coffee shop in Mount Pleasant on East 15th. Matchstick is your definition hipster coffee shop. It has a minimalist design on the inside and a long communal table with a few small other seats. I came here on a weekend and it was so packed full of people I almost couldn’t find a spot.

Almond Milk Latte

I had an almond milk latte. The latte was aesthetically pleasing and I loved the cute heart. The steamed almond milk had a nice velvety foam texture.

I wanted to like this place, but I didn’t enjoy the taste of the drink. I don’t like espresso that has a sour, burnt, after taste and that is what theirs had. I had to force myself to drink it and part of me wonders if this was a bad batch or if this is what their lattes always taste like. The taste reminded me of Blenz Coffee (sorry Blenz I hate your espresso too). Some people may like that though, and if you do, this is the place for you.

I felt sad after because I wanted to like this place. Ambiance wise it is cool, but the drink just didn’t do it for me. In a city where there are endless great coffee shop options I probably wouldn’t return.


No, the cafe is cute, but I didn’t enjoy my drink.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Cafe, Mount Pleasant, Vancouver


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