Burgoo is a chain of restaurants that has four locations in Metro Vancouver. Their food theme is comfort food from around the world. They have plenty of sandwiches, soups, and stews and on the menu it says what the country of origin is for the dish, which is a cool touch.

I visited the location in Mount Pleasant on Main Street for brunch before I got my hair cut in the area. The inside of this location has a very cozy feeling to it, which goes well with the comfort food theme.

Butternut Squash Soup

You can add a soup to a sandwich for an extra $3, so I decided to do that and I got butternut squash soup. This side of soup is a pretty decent size and bigger than I was expecting.

The soup was served steaming hot and it had a nice consistency to it, not too thin or thick. The soup had a warm earthy flavour to it and a hint of sweetness from the maple syrup. It was topped with roasted hazelnuts and some fresh herbs. I wish there were more roasted hazelnuts because I loved the bit of crunch they added.

Breakfast Sandwich

Since it was the weekend and they were serving brunch, I ordered the breakfast sandwich ($13).

The sandwich is served on toasted filone, which is an Italian yeast bread that has a similar texture to French bread. The bread was nice and great for a sandwich.

Inside it was filled with lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, egg, guacamole, and mayo (it also comes with cheese, but I opted out of it). All of the flavours came together and this was a pretty satisfying sandwich. The guacamole made it creamy and indulgent. The bacon stood out the most and it had a nice crispy texture.

My one complaint is that the egg inside of the sandwich was thin and pretty small. I barely noticed it. I think this sandwich could be taken to the next level if it had a golden runny yolk fried egg instead.

The food at Burgoo was fresh and definitely comforting. However, I think it is too expensive for what you get. Maybe I’m just used to eating this kind of food at home so I don’t like to pay for it, but my meal came to just under $20 with tax and tip, which seems outrageous for a soup and sandwich. At that price point, there are other places I would rather go instead.


Yes, if you want good quality comfort food, but no if you are looking for an affordable meal.

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One Comment on “Burgoo”

  1. holly
    April 7, 2013 at 9:35 am #

    I totally agree that the comfort food here is a bit pricey. There’s no comfort for me in that.

    Even at half the price, the sandwich doesn’t seem that substantial.

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