Fuji Sushi

Fuji Sushi is a Japanese restaurant located in Port Moody. They used to be in the Burquitlam area, but they recently moved to a new spot. The inside of the restaurant is large, bright, and spacious.

I’ve come here for lunch a couple of times recently. They have a large selection of lunch specials that include bento boxes and plenty of other sushi combos and rice plates.

Nabeyaki Udon

The nabeyaki udon was one of the lunch specials. I love almost every kind of noodle soup, but for some weird reason I never order udon. I’m making it my mission to change that and start ordering it more often.

This version was filled with chicken, shrimp teriyaki, and an egg. The chicken was good, however, the shrimp was pretty soggy. I never understand why people put something that is deep-fried in a broth, but oh well. The egg was poached and it added a delicious element to the dish.

The broth was clear and had a clean taste to it. The noodles were thick and chewy and it proved to be a filling meal.

Tuna Roll

The tuna roll came with the soup as a part of a lunch combo. I like that the combo comes with sushi and noodles so you get a bit of both worlds. The tuna roll was basic, but good. They put a bit of wasabi inside of the roll to spice it up a bit.

Chicken Teriyaki

On another visit I got a chicken teriyaki and sushi bento box. The chicken teriyaki portion was small, but it tasted good.

Special Salmon Karaage

The special of the day was salmon karaage. This was only okay for me. I prefer less cooked salmon and I find with deep-frying it often gets dry.


The box came with the same tuna roll that I had before and four pieces of nigiri.

I enjoyed all of the nigiri and the fish tasted fresh. I like it when I get tamago in an assortment because it is something I never go out of my way to order, but I enjoy it. It has such an interesting texture and mild nice flavour.


The tempura was decent. It contained a few more unusual vegetables, like peppers and onions. It is always nice to get some variety.

On both visits to Fuji Sushi I had a good experience. The food is good and they have a lot of variety, especially at lunch time. It’s an above average sushi place for Port Moody.


Yes, for great lunch specials and solid sushi.

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